• Parent Support Hotline Because of the rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19, current information and protocols concerning our community and school sites will be updated regularly on the District 742 website. As appropriate, families will be notified of positive cases within a school site and of actions taken. Depending on the circumstances, the risk to others may range from low to high, and protocols will vary accordingly.

    Each school site will have a designated nurse serving as the COVID-19 Coordinator for that building to track and report daily any suspected COVID-19 infections. The District 742 COVID-19 Response Team will meet daily, or as needed, to determine appropriate action and communication regarding positive cases. Per the governor’s directive, District 742 will collaborate with an assigned regional support team to ensure efficient communication from the school and district level to the state level in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school building. In the event of a school closure, families will be notified immediately.

    All staff and students should self-screen at home prior to entering a District 742 building. If you present symptoms, you should stay home and seek medical attention. In addition, all staff and students will be temperature screened before entering any building. If you present symptoms, you will be escorted to care room to await a ride or be asked to leave the building immediately. People who present symptoms should be tested. For more information, see the state’s Safe Learning Plan.

    Family Support Hotlines

    Family support hotlines will be available in English, Spanish and Somali. These hotlines will operate during District 742 typical business hours and will be staffed by members of the Welcome Center and equity services department. Staff will be available to provide families support with general questions, as well as questions related to technology device issues and access to portals and platforms (e.g., Skyward, Schoology, Seesaw).

    • English: 320-370-8000
    • Somali: 320-370-8118
    • Spanish: 320-370-8117