Adult Basic Education Classes

  • ESL (English as a second language)

    English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are for adults whose native language is not English. Classes are designed to help adults develop English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills according to their individual goals. Adults who participate in ESL classes feel more confident living and working in the United States and learning English can be a key to finding a living-wage job. ABE offers 6 separate levels for ESL students to learn and build their English skills. From the novice to the advanced.

    All newcomers to the United States, regardless of English ability level, are welcome to enroll. Join the 800-1000 adults who participate in ESL classes every year. Visit our office or contact us at 320-529-6500, ext. 6211 or for more information.


    By becoming a U.S. citizen you will be able to vote and participate fully in our American democracy. If you become a citizen before your children turn 18, they also become citizens. Adult Basic Education offers these free services to all interested in becoming U.S. Citizens:

    • Citizenship Workshop
    • English for citizenship classes
    • Classes/volunteer tutors to help study U.S. history and government
    • Referrals to St. Cloud Area Legal Services for private help in legal matters regarding citizenship

    Citizenship classes meet on Saturdays at Discovery Community School from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Digital Literacy

    The St. Cloud Great River Regional Library offers a free service called The Northstar Basic Computer Skills Certificate program. This program is aimed at helping adults acquire the skills they need in today’s workplace. The free self-guided set of online course consists of six modules:

    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Internet
    • Email
    • Word Processing (Word)
    • Windows OS
    • MAC OS

    The modules are based on basic computer competency benchmarks. Adults can be certified as competent in one or more of the modules through testing in a setting supervised by an Adult Basic Education instructor. Earning a certificate shows employers that the applicant knows the basic skills in that area, and it can also boost the confidence of the job-seeker and enhance his or her resume. To learn more go to or contact a library staff member at 320-650-2500 Ext. 6211.

    Digital Literacy classes are designed to help adults improve their skills around using computers, smart phones, the internet, and other devices.   Classes also help students use technology to find, evaluate, and use needed information in multiple contexts.
    Like reading, writing, and math skills, digital literacy is a crucial skill-set needed by all adult learners.  Our instruction is designed to give you the skills you need to survive and thrive in the 21st century, including job seeking skills, the use of technology-aided learning tools, and locating important information.  Much of the instruction learners receive are based on the Northstar Digital Literacy Standards.  These standards are official and supported by the Minnesota Department of Education.
    For more information about these opportunities, please call our office at (320) 529-6500, x6211, or email us at
    Resources and Links:

    Northstar Digital Literacy


  • GED Prep

    Your future is calling! With your GED you can go on to post-secondary education, earn a credential, get a job (or find a better job) and earn more in salary and benefits throughout your work career. ABE has classes to help you prepare for all four parts of the test, brush-up on your test taking skills and improve your basic reading, writing and math skills, while you build the confidence you'll need to succeed. Classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the week, so you'll have options that best fit your busy life.

    Call today to get started! 320-529-6500, ext. 6211, or e-mail

    Family Literacy

    Family Literacy allows parents and children an opportunity to go to school together. Adults work on literacy skills and participate in programs such as Parent Education and Parent-Child Time while their children experience an Early Childhood setting.

    • Adult Education: Adults work on a high school diploma, GED or ESL.
    • Parent-Child Time: Parents learn about their child through parent-child activities.
    • Parent Education: Parents meet with a parent educator to discuss parenting topics.
    • Early Childhood Program: Children have a positive first school experience.

    For more information on the Family Literacy program call 320-529-6500, ext. 6211, or e-mail us at

    Workplace Literacy

    Workplace Literacy is more than just being able to read and write. It is a combination of skills that are needed to function effectively in the work environment. These skills include:

    • Decision-Making
    • Critical Thinking
    • Identifying and Solving Problems
    • Setting Goals
    • Speaking and Writing Effectively
    • Math Skills
    • Basic Computer Skills

    Employers and employees both benefit from increased basic skills in the workplace.

    For more information call 320-529-6500, ext. 6211, or e-mail us at

    Skills Enhancement

    The Skills Enhancement program is for adults who need to improve their basic reading, writing, math and spelling skills. Individualized instruction is offered to develop a wide range of skills from balancing a checkbook to using a computer. The books and materials used have been written specifically for adult learners,

    To learn more about the Skills Enhancement program call 320-529-6500 ext. 6211, or e-mail