Children's Dental Services (CDS)

  • Children's Dental Services CDS works collaboratively with St. Cloud Area School District to provide a full range of preventative dental care to children who have no insurance or are under insured. If you are interested, complete the consent form listed below.

    You may also call 320-370-8208 and request a form be mailed to your home.

    More Information:

    Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness, and over 50 percent of low-income children in Minnesota do not receive dental care. That’s why Smiles Across Minnesota (SAM), Children’s Dental Services (CDS) and the St Cloud Area Public School District are working together to provide dental care on-site in the St Cloud Area Public School District. CDS is a non-profit dental provider dedicated to providing care to children from birth to age twenty-one and pregnant women.

    Children’s Dental Services (CDS) will be providing a full range of preventive care, as well as oral health education to all school children within the St Cloud Area Public School District. CDS has 91 years of expertise serving low-income children and those with special needs. Upon completion of the attached consent, children are provided a dental exam, a full range of preventive care, including cleaning, sealants (transparent coat that protects teeth from decay) and fluoride.

    Dental decay is the most common chronic infectious disease among children. 17 percent of children ages 2-4 have already experienced decay, and 78 percent of children by the age of 17 have dental decay. More than 51 million school hours are lost each year to the disease.

    CDS accepts all forms of public and private insurance. In the event that the child does not have insurance, CDS assists families in applying for medical assistance. CDS also offers a sliding scale discount program for those families not eligible for insurance. Please contact CDS if you would like assistance in applying for medical assistance or the sliding scale program.

    If you have any questions regarding the consent form, or dental care provided at your child’s school, please contact:

    Children’s Dental Services
    Phone: 612-746-1530

    636 Broadway Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
    Tel: 612-746-1530