• 8th Grade Life Smarts 2.0
    6th Grade Life Smarts 1.0

    Mrs. Lahr (Rm 201)

    I am in my 6th year of teaching with St. Cloud District and I'm teaching Life Smarts 2.0 and Life Smarts 1.0 at South Junior High. My Life Smarts 2.0 class focuses on personal finance skills and topics that teenagers should have a basic understanding of as they continue to grow into independent adults. My Life Smarts 1.0 class focuses on students getting some basic general health information.  

    Information and updates for parents/guardians detailing course announcements, events, lessons, handouts, and other materials can be found online through my Schoology course page. Parents who would like access to Schoology need to obtain a parent access code for each of their students, which is provided at the beginning of the school year or when students enroll.  If you do not already have a parent access code, but would like to obtain one, you may contact me via email or our Media Specialist.

    The best way to contact me is via email at the following email address: danielle.lahr@isd742.org- Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

    The phone number to reach is (320) 370-7043. This is NOT the most efficient way to contact me, as I'm often not able to respond in the day since I'm teaching classes.

    8th Grade Advisory
    1st Hour: Prep
    2nd Hour: Life Smarts 2.0
    3rd Hour: Life Smarts 2.0
    4th Hour: Life Smarts 2.0
    5th Hour: Life Smarts 1.0 
    6th Hour: Life Smarts 1.0

    Click the link below for a brief overview of my Life Smarts courses:

    Life Smarts 2.0 Overview

    Life Smarts 1.0 Overview

    First Trimester Schoology Links:
    Lahr Life Smarts 2.0 Schoology Course

    Lahr Life Smarts 1.0 Schoology Course

    I am enjoying teaching these subjects and I hope my enthusiasm carries over into a VERY positive learning experience for all students!

    Danielle Lahr