I am in my fourth year of teaching special education in the St. Cloud Area District, with one year in the Distance Learning Academy and two years at Tech High School. I obtained a Bachelor's degree as well as my Master's degree in Human Development from St. Mary's University in Minnesota. I completed my Special Education teacher licensing program from Bemidji State University.

    I have one child, who is in his first year of college studying business; a Samoyed pup named Koda who loves the cold and snow - therefore, I enjoy all things outdoors, camping, hiking, skating, skiing, gardening, etc. I also enjoy reading, quilting, knitting and learning new skills - most recently redoing the floor in my house.


    Bell Schedule Monday/Tuesday/Friday

    Period 1 8:30-9:27

    Period 2 9:32-10:29

    Period 3 10:34-11:31

    Period 4-lunch 11:36-1:06

    Period 5 1:11-2:08

    Period 6 2:13-3:15

    Bell Schedule Wednesday/Thursday

    Period 1 8:30-9:20

    Period 2 9:25-10:15

    Advisory 10:20-10:50

    Period 3 10:55-11:45

    Period 4-lunch 11:50-1:20

    Period 5 1:25-2:015

    Period 6 2:20-3:15


    My Teaching Schedule

    Period 1  Algebra 1.1, room G212; Schooloy code: DGFV-XX4V-DKBQC

    Period 2 ECHO, room G212

    Period 3 Student Support

    Period 4 Prep

    Period 5 Mass Media, room E206

    Period 6 Algebra 1.1, room E208; Schoology code: DGFV-XX4V-DKBQC


    Stephanie McGuinness