Digital Assessments

  • Digital Assessments

    Our growing access to technology and innovative practices have now provided teachers with the ability to better understand what students know via digital assessments.  There are a number of options that include both formative and summative options. Below represents just a few options for you to consider when looking at how to assess your students digitally.

    Why consider using technology to assist with assessments.  Most importantly, t allows more immediate feedback to both the teacher and the students.  No longer do students need to wait for the results to know whether or not they are on track with understanding.  Quite often, students know immediately their results. Likewise, teachers can also view student scores and better adjust instruction at that moment vs. the following day or later.  Fundamentally, it can save teachers time. No more photocopying tests and quizzes and carrying them around to be graded. If you have any questions about getting started, please contact your media specialist or a member of our Technology Integration team to provide assistance.



    Grades 6-12

    Schoology offers an extensive opportunity to assess what students know, both formatively and summatively.  New this year will be a teacher's ability to help students focus on their assessment by locking them into Schoology.  Teachers at both Tech and Apollo will have access to Respondus as a lockdown broswer on the MacBook Air.  Also new will be a 6-8 grade teacher's ability to lock students into certain apps using Apple Classroom from their Mac computer.  While this feature is not yet released, it has been announced and should be available soon.

    Guide to Schoology Assessments


    Google Classroom

    Grades 4-5

    Google Forms is a resources that makes assessments very easy with Google Classroom.  There are a number of options including Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer.  Google Forms can easily be incorporated into Google Classroom, making it easy to see results and adjust instruction as needed.

    Tips for using Forms quizzes with Google Classroom 

    Game-based Assessments

    Grades K-12

    Below are a few examples of game-based assessments that can easily be used to better understand what students know and what they have yet to fully understand.  Students tend to enjoy these activities while allowing the teacher to see where her/his students are at with the content.

    Kahoot  Kahoot

     Learn more at



    Quizlet Live  Quizlet Live

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    Quizizz  Quizizz

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