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    Technology Integration Team

    Vision StatementWe work to empower and iNSPIRE communities to be successful.

    Our guiding principles are to:

    • Support Growth: Forward is forward
    • Recognize Opportunities: Make connections to areas to create future possibilities
    • Foster Collaboration: The smartest person in the room, is the room
    • Know Thyself: Honor the strengths of yourself and each other
    • Be Lifelong Learners: Always seeking to improve through reflection

    To realize our vision: We focus on communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to transform learning.  We intentionally use the words “what is best for students” in conversation when working with staff.  We honor the process.  We debrief and celebrate wins and learn from things that were less than ideal.  We try to provide multiple options if they exist while letting the learner make the final choice.  We team with our media specialists, technicians, and building leaders.  We honor that everyone is at a different place and help them move forward by listening/understanding to what they need.