Device Insurance

  • District 742 recognizes that for iNSPIRE to be successful, it requires an active partnership between the schools and parents. Having a shared goal of helping District 742 students be successful is a foundation of which this opportunity is built upon. Below are various details for families. As always, please contact the technology integration department if there are questions. Parent and student support is always appreciated.

    Insurance is available for all devices that are part of the iNSPIRE for Learning program.  Insurance is elective; it is not required. Students who purchase insurance after receiving a device must have the device visually inspected by Media Center staff in order to verify the device is not damaged at the time of insurance purchase. Insurance will cover from date of purchase after inspection through the remainder of the school year.

    What is not covered?

    Intentional damage is not covered. Intentional damage is that which is either observed to willfully have occurred or that which is determined by the type of damage to have been willful in nature.

    • Device damage incurred while out of a protective case.
    • Loss and theft of the device is not covered.
    • The device charger is not covered.
    • The device case is not covered.


    • The fee for device insurance is paid online via RevTrak in Skyward.
    • You will receive a receipt at the end of your transaction. The receipt is your confirmation that the insurance coverage will be in place if or when you need it.

    Grades 6-8 (iPad 1:1)

    Grades 9-12 (MacBook Air 1:1)


    North iPad 4