iNSPIRE for Learning

  • INSPIRE What is iNSPIRE?

    iNSPIRE is more than our 1:1 learning program for grades 6-12.  It is about a changing approach to teaching and learning focused on a student-centered environment.  It is a belief in the power of personalized learning to prepare students for the changing world they will soon be entering.  It is rooted in the importance of good teaching to support foundational learning such as literacy, numeracy, science, and cultural awareness.

    iNSPIRE is a also committed to helping students explore the qualities important in the 21st century such as curiosity, persistence, critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability.  Our goal is to support the district's mission to "create a safe and caring climate and culture in which we prepare, engage, educate, empower, and inspire all learners in partnership with their surrounding community to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s society."

    We are very excited to see this learning program continue to expand as more students gain access to technology and teachers continue to learn how to best integrate such access into their teaching.  As always, we thank our communities for their support. 

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