Farm to School

  • Farm to School is a nationwide movement to bring locally-grown produce into school cafeterias. It is considered beneficial for both health and the environment:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables can lose nutrients after harvest. Farm to School items are usually picked the same week it is served
    • Fewer miles traveled equals fewer pollutants emitted, resulting in better air quality
    • Buying from local farmers strengthens the community and local economy
    • Curriculum can be developed to include farm visits or school gardens, which ultimately teaches kids about the entire food system

    District 742 is PROUD to offer several yearlong Farm to School items on the menu: apples come from Collegeville and Ham Lake, and cherry tomatoes come from Owatonna. Through shelf-stable options and innovative greenhouses, certain types of produce are available for an extended season.

    On our menu, a small triangle highlights the local produce, which is abundant throughout the fall. Cucumbers and snap peas are examples of seasonal Farm to School items that are frequently on the menu.

    We look forward to growing our Farm to School program and continuing to promote nutrition for all of our students!