• Board Update - 03/06/19

    Principal Eisenreich, the Architects and the Construction Manager presented updates regarding program development, the construction process and a budget update.

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  • Board Update - 02/06/19

    Principal Eisenreich, the Architects and the Construction Manager presented updates regarding program development, the construction process and a budget update.

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  • Board Update - 01/09/19

    Principal Charlie Eisenreich gave an update on the progress of the Tech High School project.

    The Tech Grand Opening Committee has met twice with staff, students and community members on the committee. Former Board of Education Chair Bruce Mohs and Director of Community Engagement and Communications Tami DeLand are co-chairs. Working sub-groups have been identified and assigned tasks.

    Progress on the Tech High School project includes finalizing equipment such as classrooms, athletics, and office.

    A lot has been learned about technology by using pilot classroom. It is still in use. Soon, an AV (audio-visual) package will be coming forward for approval.

    Staff is currently working to create and do a trial run the master schedule for the 19-20 school year at the new site.

    Kyle Walters gave a presentation on the construction update, noting that exactly one year ago, structural steel was being set at the site. View the Board Presentation.

  • Board Update - 12/05/18

    Principal Charlie Eisenreich, along with IIW architect, David Leapaldt, reported on the pilot classroom at Tech. All licensed staff have been officially trained on the technology. A complete manual has been created to guide them in the classroom. Teachers/classes rotate periods in the pilot classroom. Three groups of students can be working simultaneously on three different projects with monitors set up on the walls near them. There is no bad seat in the house.

    Teachers are surveyed on their experience in the classroom, and that feedback helps inform decisions on furniture and technology. For example, orange chair legs seemed glaring in the pilot classroom, so carpet samples were brought in to coordinate with the furniture, and it made all the difference. Each neighborhood has a corresponding color. Teachers are positive about the flexibility of the furniture. They preferred single seats to double, so the furniture order was adjusted accordingly. All professional development this year has been around personalized learning. The focus is on students becoming the owners of their own learning. The feedback also helps decide the audio-visual bid for January.

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  • Board Update - 11/07/2018

    Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich presented on the new Pilot Classroom for staff and students at Tech High School, designed and arranged as the model for flexible classroom space at the new high school. He reported on these features:

    • Furniture--seats and tables
    • Collaboration and student-centered classroom
    • Walls with LCD monitors - controlled with teacher laptop
    • Online survey for the experience:Support student learning?
      • Support online learning?
      • Environment is adaptive?
      • Quality of audio/video

    Architect David Leapaldt reported there is also a Pilot classroom at Apollo – a different type of technology is featured at each site for performance comparison purposes.

    It was noted that professional development will be needed with teachers on the new technologies.

    Kyle Walters of ICS Construction reported on construction progress at the new Tech HS site. He also reported on an educational Youth Build tour at the site.

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  • Board Update - 10/03/2018

    Kyle Walters of ICS Construction presented to the Board of Education on October 3, 2018 at St. Augusta City Hall on current updates at the new Tech High School site.

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  • Board Update - 09/05/18

    Principal Charlie Eisenreich reported to the Board of Education that licensed and unlicensed staff completed a walking tour of the new Tech site during kickoff week. The staff felt amazed and excited as they took in the scope of the school’s campus. It was a motivating and inspiring experience. Principal Eisenreich also reported that Activities Director Dave Langerud is fundraising for the upgrades on scoreboards. In addition, Tech administration is compiling a timeline for the big move next summer. Staff will work on separating equipment and materials no longer useable. Scheduling decisions will be finalized in the spring.

    Kyle Walters of ICS Consulting gave a report on the work completed in August at the new Tech High School site. Building work includes structural steel, electrical, mechanical, ductwork, fire sprinklers and fire proofing, metal stud exteriors. Site work includes fields, dugout, bleachers and track. For complete details, view the presentation.

  • Board Update - 08/1/18

    Architect David Leapaldt from IIW and Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich presented to the Board of Education at the August 1st Work Session progress on the new Tech High School project, specifically in regard to technology and furniture. Leapaldt reported that technology throughout the school has been aligned to District technology standards and ongoing work continues to determine needs. He also reported that a district-wide RFP went out for security at Tech and other sites. AV systems will be bid out this fall. A contractor is expected to be named by January 2019.

    Eisenreich reviewed the work completed with staff and students regarding furniture workshops and sit tests. Important take-aways included furniture that is functional, safe, flexible, accessible, collaborative, modern and balanced with high tech/low tech functionality. Further meetings were conducted after the sit tests to review furniture needs after staff and students experienced options. A furniture budget review took place in June and concluded the project estimate is under budget. Finally, the plan for pilot classrooms at both Tech and Apollo next fall was outlined.

    Next steps include: installing the pilot classrooms over MEA in October, furniture and technology selections and quantities ready by November, confirmation of budget in December, and all purchase orders finalized by December 28th. Installation of furniture and technology planned for June 2019.

    Leapaldt also gave an overview of the Concessions Stand plan. Dave Langerud, Athletic Director at Tech High School, presented to the Board an overview on scoreboards for the new facility, including a plan for new and repurposed scoreboards.

    View the PowerPoint Presentation. View the ICS Construction Update.

New Tech High School Updates

  • July Update

    There is busy daily activity at the new Tech High School construction site and work is progressing on schedule. In addition toconstruction activities, work is ongoing to identify the Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment (FFE) for the project. Meetings on technology have also occurred.

    In May, Sit Tests were conducted for furniture with staff and students at Tech. Pilot classrooms are scheduled to be installed at both Apollo and Tech High Schools this October in order to enable staff and students practice with technology and furniture to ensure it meets their needs prior to ordering for the new site.

    Construction updates include grading and installation at the athletic fields, concrete throughout the site, steel installation, pool masonry, plumbing, framing, ductwork, roofing and decking. View the video footage below. Video Courtesy of ICS Consulting, Inc.

  • Board Update - 06/13/18

    Kyle Walters of ICS Construction gave an update on the busy construction progress this spring on the new Tech High School site. Footings, foundations and underground work are complete.  Walls are being framed and the second level is taking shape.  Utilities are being installed. Athletic equipment, lighting and paving is being installed. Roofing is complete in one section of the project.

    Take a look at photos here. Also, view the drone footage of the new Tech High School below.

    Furniture Progress

    Furniture sit-ins with staff and students took place this spring at Tech with selections being demonstrated and tried out at the high school. Final selections and quantities will be finalized in the fall and the furniture order will be placed in winter 2018.

    Pilot Classroom

    A pilot (model) classroom will be constructed at Tech this fall complete with the same furniture and technology that will be installed at the new high school. This pilot classroom will be open for staff and students to utilize in advance of the opening of the new school.

    View the Board Presentation.

  • Board Update - 05/09/18

    Principal Charlie Eisenreich, David Leapaldt of iiW and Kyle Walter of ICS presented at the Board of Education Work Session on May 9 regarding progress on the Tech High School project. Leapaldt showed illustrations and described the monument and message signage that will be present at both the 33rd Street and CR 74 entrances to the school. He also discussed the positioning of a pre-cast Tech-logo panel on the campus. View the presentation. Eisenreich talked about upcoming furniture sit-ins with staff and students to select furniture choices and about a pilot classroom that will be furnished at the present Tech in the fall. Finally, Kyle Walter gave an update on the considerable progress at the construction site, including: the completion of footings and foundations; continuation of structural steel installation; exterior wall framing; underground plumbing; electrical rough-ins; masonry wall installation; wood parapet wall installation, and 2nd level composite slab installation. In addition, creek crossing and culvert installation are in progress. View the presentation.

    It was noted at the meeting that this is currently an active construction site and no trespassing zone. Requests to view the site must be scheduled through Kyle Wolter at ICS. 

  • Board Update - 04/11/2018

    Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich presented an update on the furniture process for the new Tech High School at the Board of Education Work Session on April 11, 2018. Eisenreich reported that after an initial concept workshop with staff and students in February, staff met again in March to review layouts and refine selections. Coming up in May, staff and students will participate in a “sit test” for the proposed furnishings. See the presentation here.

    ICS Project Director Andy Faulkner also updated the board on construction progress at the Tech High School site. Despite the snowy spring weather, construction continues including footings and foundations in place in the learning neighborhoods, Commons, Gym and Performing Arts area. Structural steel installation continues. Metal steel framing began in Learning Neighborhood #1. Precast wall panel installation is virtually complete throughout the project. Masonry work continues. Plumbing and roofing are set to begin. Box culvert installation is set to begin the week of April 30th. Work remains on schedule. View the presentation here. Drone footage below courtesy of ICS Consulting, Inc.

  • Board Update - 03/07/2018

    David Leapaldt of IIW Architects, Andy Faulkner of ICS Consulting and Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich reported to the Board of Education Wednesday evening on the progress of the Tech High School project. Leapaldt reported on the latest High School Design Committee meeting, where questions about stadium exits, screening and seating were addressed. Eisenreich reported on two furniture concept meetings, the first with Tech staff and Teaching and Learning representatives and the second with students. Key concepts and priorities were identified at each. Finally, Faulkner reported on the progress at the Tech site to date and showed an aerial video to demonstrate progress. View the presentation.

  • Design Committee Update - 03/01/2018

    Andy Faulkner of ICS Consulting presented to the High School Design Committee on March 1, 2018 regarding the progress of the new Tech High School site. He reported on footings and foundation work, structural steel installation and precast wall panel installation. He also shared a video, shot with drone photography, of the construction site. View the presentation.

    Faulkner will present at the Board of Education workshop on Wednesday, March 7.

  • Board Updates - 01/10/2018

    David Leapaldt of IIW Minnesota, Technical High School Principal, Charlie Eisenreich, and Andy Faulkner of ICS Construction Management presented an update on the Tech High School project to the Board of Education on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

    Leapaldt reported that we have successfully secured all permits now for the project. Throughout the process, he reminded us that we have been successful in keeping our focus on building a 21st century facility for 21st century education for all students while keeping all activities on site—and within budget. The presentation illustrated interior and exterior progress on design.

    Eisenreich summarized progress that the High School Design team and staff sub-committees have made regarding academic learning spaces, including science and fab labs, CTE big build spaces and associated accroutrements.

    Faulkner reported on construction updates, including footings and foundations, the sanitary lift station and site grading. He shared that steel structures are scheduled to begin at the end of January and that the pre-cast wall panels for the gymnasium are scheduled for installation on February 26.

  • Board Update - 12/05/2017

    What's new at the Tech High School construction site? ICS Construction Manager Andy Faulkner presented to the Board of Education at the Work Session on December 5 updates on the project's progress including footings and foundations.

  • Board Update - 11/08/2017

    Tech Principal Charlie Eisenreich, IIW architect David Leapaldt and ICS Construction Andy Faulkner reported at the Board of Education work session on November 8, 2017 on interior design progress for the new Tech High School, presented an estimate review and updates on permits and construction.

    Principal Eisenreich reported that a team of staff from Tech High School traveled with him recently to the Cuningham Architect office in Minneapolis to preview materials and design for the interiors of the new high school. Mr. Eisenreich said the take-away from the day was the connecting of the facility to its surroundings—including granite quarry, forest and stream—in regard to color and light. Being able to see and touch the materials was extremely valuable to the team. Conceptually, the new facility became visible. Staff were able to articulate preferences and make some recommendations. The team also experienced 3-D goggles to enhance the effect of the proposed interiors.

    Principal Eisenreich added that subgroups have been meeting for months looking at specific spaces. For example, staff helped redesign fab labs for science and CTE to meet future needs. Furthermore, secondary and high school programming teams, in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee, have been meeting for over a year to consider program and scheduling needs. Those discussions are on-going.

  • Tech Update - Tiger Newsletter

    The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Tech High School facility was conducted on August 28. Since that time, excavating of the site and construction has moved along quickly. Most footings for the school structure have been completed, the access road off 33rd street is under development, and outdoor fields are being compacted and prepped.

    And while the site continues to take shape, there has been much design work completed by our Tech staff over the past few months. A small group visited the architects’ St. Paul office to discuss and make recommendations for the interior colors of the new Tech. A big take-away that became much clearer is the overall connection of the facility to the site itself and the St. Cloud area in general. The concepts of the granite quarries, the forest to the north of the school, and the stream that flows throughout the property coming together in a color scheme that connects well with learning. For example, there are three wings or “learning neighborhoods” in the design, and the eastern-most neighborhood will have brighter oranges and yellows representing a sunrise or early morning forest feel.

    Since the beginning of school, various subgroups of staff members have been meeting or consulting with the architects to provide feedback in designing specific spaces. Here are two examples:

    • Science labs – a small team has been considering where and how to store materials, model of fume hoods, equipment needed, location of small group lab stations, etc., and how the physical makeup of these spaces operationally connect with learning.
    • Fabrication Labs (CTE): Labs 2 and 3 were just recently redesigned by our teachers from the originals, with architects on hand, to create spaces they felt were more efficient and effective in delivering instruction. They spent much time determining specifically where certain machines are to be placed so that the proper power supply are installed for those machines.

    Similar design work has been completed in the areas of fine arts, FACS, phy ed and activities, administration offices, special education spaces, and the resource center.

  • Board Update - 10/11/2017

    Cuningham Landscape Architect David Motzenbecker presented landscape and outdoor space design for the new Tech High School at the Board of Education Work Session on October 11, 2017. View the presentation.  In addition, Andy Faulker from ICS Consultants presented on recent site developments. View the presentation. Listen to audio of the Board of Education Work Session.

  • Board Update - 09/13/2017

    At the September 13, 2017 Board Meeting and Work Session at Apollo High School, David Leapaldt with IIW Minnesota, along with John Pfluger, Architect with Cuningham Group, and Andy Faulkner of ICS Consulting presented an update on the Tech High School project.

    Faulkner reviewed the schedule and summarized the work within the bid packages. Leapaldt reviewed the site plan and status of permits. Pfluger discussed the exterior and interior design of the project including the Commons, Performing Arts area, Learning Neighborhoods, The Crossing, (Medial Center, Cafe, and informal learning) Maker Spaces (CTE, labs) and the Tiger Pride area celebrating the history of Tech High School in the Physical Education and Athletic area. View the Board Presentation. Listen to audio of the Board of Education Work Session.

  • Board Update - 08/09/2017

    John Pfluger from Cuningham Group of Architects, David Leapaldt from iiW and Andy Faulkner, ICS construction manager, presented a Tech High School Design Committee update at the Board of Education work session on August 9, 2017. View the Board Presentation. Listen to audio of the Board of Education Work Session.

    Leapaldt summarized changes made since schematic design work began, including site geology and permitting, space parameters, alternative designs and materials, and bid packages.

    Faulkner presented an estimate review addressing overage costs, including significant site work, as well as alternates to bid packages designed to address keeping the project within budget, and bid package dates: two in August and one in November.

    Pfluger next presented a new design concept for the exterior of the high school that incorporated stakeholder input from earlier design concepts. The new design features split-granite and wood to incorporate a quarry-woodland concept and identify the school at part of St. Cloud.

  • 07/18/2017

    Architects John Pfluger of the Cuningham Group and David Leapaldt of iiW recently presented an update on the high school design committee’s work for the new Tech High School.

    Pfluger reminded the group that design work for the new high school actually began two years ago with the original task force, when participants in the process agreed to focus on the woodlands feature of the new site. Continuing forward, the design for the new Tech High School has centered on a Woodland Quarry concept.

    Design progress can be seen through a visual presentation, illustrating learning neighborhoods facing north, toward the woods. There are three design themes: Quarry, where students, staff and the community can gather; Forest, which features the spaces for learning; and Stream, where students can collaborate and connect.

    The new site is both a rich environment for learning and growth as well as, at times, a challenge for construction. Future development of the adjacent city park provides an opportunity to share resources. Students will benefit from the site’s woodlands, wetlands and stream.

    The new high school features six learning neighborhoods on two levels, shared spaces, an opportunity for organizing to academic goals, outdoor learning opportunities, the Arts wing—including theater--administration at the front entry for safety, Physical Education spaces, CTE spaces embedded within learning neighborhoods and a Commons large enough to also host community members.

    On the 2nd Floor are more learning neighborhoods, science areas, fitness areas, including wrestling, and media spaces.

    In addition, the building is designed with flexibility to expand for another 2-story learning neighborhood as needed.

    A date for the groundbreaking on the new site will be announced soon. Exciting times!

  • Board Update - 03/08/2017

    At the March 8, 2017 Board of Education Work Session, architects David Leapaldt and Scott Krenner presented to the school board and members of the public the first 3-D schematic view of the new high school to be built in south St. Cloud.

  • Technology Visioning Workshop - 02/28/2017

    Teachers, students, administrators, architects and community members met at Technical High School on February 28, 2017 for an extended workshop to envision technology for the future for high school students. It was facilitated by Mark Vallenti of the Sextant Group and focused on big ideas for technology use such as augmented and virtual reality. View the PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Board Update - 02/08/2017

    At the February 8, 2017 Board of Education Work Session, district leadership, architects and Technical High School’s Media Specialist presented information on the process for the new high school to be built in South St. Cloud.  Tech High School Principal Charlie Eisenreich and Media Specialist Mike Johnson, Scott Krenner from Cuningham Group and David Leapaldt from iiW addressed the Board.

  • Board Update - 01/11/2017

    At the Jan. 11, 2017 Board of Education Work Session, district leadership, architects and construction project managers presented information on the process for the new high school to be built in South St. Cloud.  Tech High School Principal Charlie Eisenreich and Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Leah Sams; Scott Krenner from Cuningham Group; David Leapaldt from iiW and Pat Overom from ICS addressed the Board.