Swimming Pool Safety Plan

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    Approved: January 11, 2017

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    Pool Procedures

    The following safety requirements must be adhered to in order to ensure optimum safety in pools:

    1. All doors to the pool will be locked when pool is not in use.
    2. No students will be allowed in the pool area without the presence of an instructor or lifeguard. Said designated person will always enter pool area first and be last to leave.
    3. All students will receive an orientation to pool safety (their language specific).  They will be pre-tested to determine their swimming skills.  Students who are not skilled will remain in the shallow end of the pool. Students with poor skills will wear life jackets.
    4. In addition to class attendance, a safety attendance check will be done during class and at the immediate end of class.  Lifeguards will complete head counts frequently during class.
    5. Direct instruction will take place in squads or small groups.
    6. A partner system will be used in all school pools. Partners will be instructed to complete frequent checks with each other and report absences immediately to the duty lifeguard.
    7. After class is dismissed, the instructor will walk around the pool perimeter making a visual inspection of the pool to assure that all students are out of the water and the deck area is clear of equipment and miscellaneous items.
    8. The instructor or lifeguard will exit and lock all doors when pool is not in use.
    9. Pool rules will be posted and enforced at all times.