Grades 6-8 Curriculum

  • Art

    Our Art courses provide students creative challenges using a variety of media and creative, problem-solving activities. Students learn to express themselves through a number of two-dimensional and three –dimensional art experiences. The possibilities include drawing with pencils, ink, charcoal or markers, painting with watercolor and acrylic paints, sculpture in-the-round or sculpture in-relief, computer art and a global pursuit of the cultural and historical influences of art. Understanding the personal, social, cultural and historical influences of art help students appreciate their own artwork and the work of others.

    English Language Arts

    At the middle level, students receive a concentrated focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The Study Sync curricular resource provides opportunities for students to engage in close reading of the text, to collaborate with peers and to write in response to reading. The curriculum is available in both a digital and write-in "consumable" format to support students as they grow in their reading and language arts skills. A reading intervention course is offered for students who would benefit from a Tier II reading intervention in addition to grade level language arts.

    Health/Life Smarts

    In Health, a variety of activities are used to engage students and provide them with the knowledge and skills to make health- enhancing decisions. The hands-on, interactive curriculum covers topics such as personal health and physical activity, chronic and communicable diseases, personal safety, healthy relationships, personal growth and development, CPR & first aid, stress, drugs, decision-making, and nutrition.  Additionally, Life Smarts 1.0 focuses on personal care and wellness and exploring careers in Health Sciences and Human Services, and Life Smarts 2.0 personal finance and entrepreneurship and careers in Business, Entrepreneurship, Communication and Arts.


    We challenge students through hands-on discovery, projects, exploration, group activities, problem-solving techniques and differentiated activities. Technology is integrated throughout the Math curriculum to move students into twenty-first century learning. The math textbook series by McGraw-Hill, incorporates hands-on lessons, on-line homework help and interactive technology lessons. Instruction is geared toward multiple learning styles and areas of relevance to middle school students who want to expand what is being taught in the classroom. Math courses offered include Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 (Linear Algebra) and Intermediate Algebra (Quadratic Algebra).


    Music Education teaches skills and promotes values that lead to personal development, such as self-discipline, dedication, teamwork, self-confidence and practice. Students have the option to take advantage of curricular classes in band, classroom music, choir and orchestra. The performing groups of band, choir and orchestra give evening concerts during the school year and various daytime performances. They may also participate in festivals, honors groups and master classes. Additional before school group music opportunities may also be provided.  We encourage you to ask your instructors what’s available and get signed up! 

    Physical Education

    Physical Education aims to build attitudes, work habits and skills that promote lifelong fitness and wellness in each student. Our main objective is for each student to gain an optimal level of fitness and acquire the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students experience individual fitness testing and fitness training, as well as individual and team sports. Building sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle habits are key components to the program. The basis for grading is that students prepare, participate and have fun!


    It is our belief that science is best learned through a hands-on integrated experience. Students complete a variety of laboratory experiments, computer simulations, dissections and three-dimensional models. These activities encourage teamwork and communication, skills that are integral to the field of science and the world in which we live. There are many experiments and projects that enhance the learning of our students. We encourage students to do their best work at every opportunity. Students are challenged to use the skills of scientific inquiry to do independent research, analyze data, access information through internet resources and develop and carry out their own investigations. Our science curriculum is designed to help students not only achieve on the Science MCA II tests, but also help prepare them for AP (Advanced Placement) classes at the high school level. Science courses offered include Earth Science (6th grade), Life Science (7th grade) and Physical Science (8th grade). 

    Social Studies

    In a rapidly changing and diverse world, it is vitally important for students to understand where humanity has been, where we are and what our mission in the future will be. The Social Studies program helps students understand possible answers to these questions while emphasizing their importance in a global society. Our curriculum in World History, American History, World Geography and Minnesota History allows teachers to best meet the needs of all learners by providing more individualized instruction while still teaching the core concepts of our subjects. The latest resource materials and technology allow students to be actively involved as they explore the beauty and richness of this planet and the people who live on it. Students use Google Docs, Power-Point, Excel, video production and Web 2.0 tools for the projects they present throughout these courses.

    Technology Education

    Tech Ed 6: Robotics - This beginning course in robotics introduces 6th grade students to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies as they work in hands-on teams to develop, build and program a robot.

    Tech Ed 7: Energy and Machines - This course encourages students to apply themselves through the use of computers, materials, and tools to create a desired end product and to solve problems while learning important safety skills and developing career awareness and basic hands-on skills applicable in the real world.

    Tech Ed 8: Yearlong Tech Ed - This course provides students the opportunity to learn different wood working machines and techniques, from basic skills to more advanced wood-working. As the culminating project to end the year, students will build a large outdoor structure, such as a shed or playhouse, applying all construction and woodworking techniques acquired throughout the course.

    World Language

    Students are introduced to many world languages including American Sign Language, French, German, Chinese, Ojibwe, Somali and Spanish. In addition to learning languages, students explore how culture is defined. Through these questions, students discover cultures from around the world. Cultural topics include holidays, daily life, education and life as a teenager in other countries. Immersion: the Dual Language Immersion pathway in either Chinese or Spanish continues into middle school. Students take a Language Arts and Social Studies class that are taught in the target language in grades 6-8.