Grade 4 Curriculum

  • English Language Arts

    Fourth graders read more challenging literature, articles and other materials. They give details to support what they’ve read by noting facts and details from the selection. Students compare stories and information from different sources. They read and understand information in charts, graphs, timelines, and illustrations – as well as words! In writing, they use the Reading and Writing Companion to respond to reading and to organize their ideas and develop topics with reasons, facts, details and other information. They learn to take notes and organize information from several sources to learn more about a topic.


    Fluency moves to multiplication and division facts in fourth grade Math. Multiplication and division move onto multi-digits. Fractions in fourth grade continue and students begin adding and subtracting with like denominators. New to fourth grade are decimals. Students read, write, compare and round decimals. Geometry introduces area as well as digs deeper into triangles and quadrilaterals. Time is spent measuring angles and doing translations such as flips, turns and slides. As fluency in multiplication and division is a big part of fourth grade, continued support at home is appreciated!


    Fourth grade science digs into magnetism and electricity. Students also study the water cycle. Health is introduced by looking at the body’s defense systems and disease prevention.

    Social Studies

    In Social Studies, fourth grade students return to North America to study the geography and population of the United States. Students use different types of maps, charts and photographs to understand landforms, population centers and ways people impact land development in US regions. Students also learn about the decision-making process, how people can influence government decisions and how choices that consumers make impact the marketplace.