Grade 3 Curriculum

  • English Language Arts

    In English Language Arts, students use their reading skills to learn more about many subjects. They read a wide range of stories and describe the characters in the stories and how the story teaches a lesson. They read informational material (books, articles, online) to learn about history, science, and social studies; using information from illustrations like maps and pictures as well as the words. In writing they work on longer papers such as research or opinion pieces. When writing stories they include conversation and descriptions of character’s actions, thoughts, and feelings


    Third grade is a big year in the world of learning Math. Students not only work with numbers up to 100,000, but they also add and subtract multi-digit numbers, as well as begin to multiply and divide. Third grade is the start of fractions and functions. Students read, write, represent, and compare fractions. They start to look at functions in terms of inputs and outputs. Geometry includes introduction to polygons, parallel and perpendicular lines, and perimeter. Students now measure with half units. Time and money continue. Students are able to tell time to the minute on both digital and analog clocks, as well state elapsed time. Money includes making change up to one dollar. Parents can continue to help students with fluency in addition and subtraction.


    Students continue to study the structures of life in third grade Science and are challenged to design a hand pollinator. Third grade also brings physics into the mix through the study of sound, as well as the study of the sun, moon, and Earth.

    Social Studies

    Social Studies leads to the exciting exploration of Ancient History in third grade! Students will examine historical records, compare and contrast different perspectives of history, and use maps to describe places around the world. They will also learn about the branches of government, understand the importance of respecting diverse perspectives, and discover how different types of resources help provide goods and services.