Visual Arts

  • Vera W. Russell Art Gallery

    District 742 students have rich visual arts experiences throughout their K-12 journey. All schools have licensed visual arts teachers to provide regular instruction to help students develop skills in creating presenting, and understanding the visual arts. Students build a foundation of artistic practice through creating pieces of work and sharing their work through collaboration and conversation with peers and teachers. Students also learn how to both give and receive feedback based on their work - and to ultimately refine and develop artwork for further presentation. This process helps students practice and develop 21st Century skills by fostering creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking as they approach the visual arts.


  • Vera Russell

    The Vera Russell Gallery in the St. Cloud State School of Education is an opportunity for K-12 students to showcase their work as well as create a student centered environment for future generations of teachers. Teachers nominate student artists for exhibition in the fall and spring, with a reception to recognize and share their work with families and St. Cloud State education school staff.

    Gallery 742

    Student artwork is featured in frames throughout the District 742 offices. Schools share student work on a rotating basis.

    Luna 2016

    Luna Learners are a partnership between Apollo and Westwood students who are interested in deepening their experience with the creative arts. View Luna Gallery 2016.