Grade 2 Curriculum

  • English Language Arts

    In English Language Arts, second graders are busy reading a wide variety of materials including fables, folktales, stories, books, articles, and more! They identify lessons, themes, main ideas and describe the reasons an author gives for supporting her/his point. They use their reading skills in all subject areas. In writing they work on editing and revising their work while writing about events, opinions, and facts.


    Math challenges students to move through 1000 with regards to counting, reading, writing, representing, and comparing numbers. Addition and Subtraction move into two-digits. Students begin looking at mental strategies, including rounding and estimating. They are introduced to variables in second grade and representing unknowns with letters. Geometry continues with looking at sides, edges, and vertices of three-dimensional objects, as well and measuring with units such as centimeters and inches. Parents can continue to work on time and money at home—time is now expanded to the quarter hour as well as understanding am and pm. Quarters are added with money. The big way we need help at home is helping students become fluent in their addition and subtraction facts.


    Second grade Science brings about matter and motion. Students take a closer look at the properties of materials and focus on improving a play -dough making process.

    Social Studies

    Social Studies will ask students to work as a “history investigator” as they explore how people impact the environment, work with historical records and artifacts and learn more about the culture of the Minnesota Dakota peoples. Second graders will learn how to vote, compare and contrast rules and begin to understand how money is used in the past as well as present day.