Grade 1 Curriculum

  • English Language Arts

    First graders continue to build on the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills they learned in kindergarten. They think, talk, and write about what they read to show that they understand the important facts and information in the selection. They compare the experiences of characters and explain the differences between different genres. The students use the Reading and Writing Companion in response to reading and as they develop writing for multiple purposes. First grade students develop strong foundational reading and decoding skills through daily structured literacy instruction. 


    In first grade Math students continue to count, read, write, represent and compare numbers, but now through 120. Students also begin to be introduced to place value. Addition and subtraction begins with single digits. Algebra continues by looking at simple equations. Geometry continues with bar graphs and tally charts. Two big pieces that can be practiced at home are telling time to the hour and half hour, and working with pennies, nickels, and dimes.


    While in Science, first graders explore living things by taking a closer look at insects. They are able to observe the live cycle of a caterpillar by watching it change into a butterfly. Students also explore earth materials such as rocks, sand and soil.

    Social Studies

    For Social Studies, students continue to explore the concept of time by creating personal timelines and comparing differences in their community from “back then” and “right now.” They begin learning how to use maps and to make connections with landmarks and direction. Students also practice citizenship skills, learn basic economic skills of scarcity and trade, and explore their own family history.