Curriculum 9-12

  • Grade 9-12 Electives

    District 742 encourages students to cultivate interests beyond traditional subjects and to demonstrate the depth and seriousness of study that appeal to colleges. Elective courses provide opportunities for students to sample different careers before making a long-term commitment. The district offers diverse electives, including 19 Advanced Placement options that keep students motivated and engaged in the learning process.

    English Language Arts
    The Language Arts Department is committed to helping all students develop proficiency in reading, writing and communicating effectively. As lifelong learners, students will use these skills to think critically and effectively express themselves in speaking and in writing. The secondary language arts curriculum, StudySync, ensures students the opportunity to learn and interact with the required academic standards, as well as hone their close reading skills. Students also have the opportunity to write routinely for a variety of reasons and tasks and practice key communication skills regularly, too. A reading intervention course is offered for specific students who would benefit from additional learning and practice in reading comprehension skills, in addition to their grade level language arts offering.

    District 742 math courses challenge students through hands-on discovery, projects, exploration, group activities, problem-solving techniques and differentiated activities. Technology is integrated throughout the math curriculum to move students into twenty-first century learning. The math textbook series by McGraw-Hill, incorporates hands-on lessons, online homework help and interactive technology lessons. Instruction is geared toward multiple learning styles and areas of relevance to high school students who want to expand what is being taught in the classroom. Nine credits are required from courses that meet requirements under probability and statistics, geometry and algebra 2. See the class progression.

    District 742 health programming challenges students to discover information and learn the skills required to make effective health decisions in key aspects of their lives. Health courses cover four main areas of health concerns for adolescents - disease prevention, chemical health, mental health, and sexual health and relationships. Students will learn concepts through projects, small and large group discussions, teacher presentations, and individual reading and research.

    Physical Education
    District 742 physical education courses allow students of all abilities to participate in developmentally appropriate activities including lifetime activities, physical fitness and sport. The main objective of our PE programming is to build the physical skills, the knowledge, and the confidence to allow all students to maintain a healthy lifestyle into their adult life and beyond.

    District 742 science courses address student learning in Earth, life and physical sciences using three-dimensional standards that intertwine disciplinary content, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. District science courses spark curiosity, develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and engage students through hands-on exploration and real-world connections. Required courses such as Earth science, biology and chemistry or physics, and elective courses such as anatomy and physiology, environmental science and forensic science prepare students for further science study and science-related job fields and to be informed and responsible global citizens.

    Social Studies
    District 742 social studies education for grades 9-12 is focused around the Minnesota State Standards in economics, geography, government and citizenship, history and ethnic studies. Students will explore these five areas throughout their high school experience in an effort to become knowledgeable, engaged, and thoughtful citizens who understand where we, as global citizens, have come from, where we are at currently and what paths the future may hold for humanity. Along with those five core areas, students will also have the opportunity to engage in a variety of electives, including psychology, sociology, practical law and history through film. Social studies curriculum integrates content with technology, discussion and collaboration to produce 21st century learners who are well-versed in the information and skills needed to be successful beyond high school.

    Visual Arts
    Visual Arts programming for 9 -12th graders in St. Cloud Area schools is designed to nurture creativity, foster technical proficiency and deepen critical thinking skills, while cultivating an appreciation for the role of art in society. Through a diverse range of activities that include hands-on exploration, academic study and real-world experiences, students develop into well-rounded artists equipped for future endeavors in the arts and beyond.

    The study of music fin grades 9-12 in St. Cloud Area Schools takes place through both performance and non-performance based courses. All classes are designed using the Minnesota State Academic Standards in Arts Education, with the core components of Foundations, Create, Perform, Respond and Connect. Nine through twelfth grade music options are offered with the intent of inclusion, collaboration, community-building and enrichment of overall student achievement.

    World Language
    The District 742 World Language Program for grades 9-12 integrates ACTFL standards and the 5Cs—Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities - within its curriculum. Students develop language skills aligned with ACTFL proficiency guidelines, fostering effective communication in real-world contexts. By exploring diverse cultures, making connections across disciplines, comparing languages and cultures, and engaging with global communities, learners cultivate a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and global interconnectedness. The program empowers students to become proficient and culturally competent global citizens, equipped to thrive in an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world. Languages offered include Spanish, French, ASL and Chinese. 

    Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are a sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge and skills to provide students a pathway to post-secondary education and careers. CTE teaches transferable workplace skills in applied learning contexts to provide opportunities to explore high-demand career options and gives students the technology and skills needed for success in adult life. 

    Just a few of the elective choices include:

    • Accounting 
    • Advanced Multimedia
    • Advanced Welding Principles
    • American Sign Language
    • Automotive 
    • Business Law 
    • College prep Algebra
    • Community CPR, First Aid & AED
    • Construction Technology  
    • Debate/Argumentation
    • Electricity & Robotics 
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Written Composition
    • Environmental Science
    • Gourmet Cookery
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Living On Your Own
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Personal Fitness Trends
    • Practical Law
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Symphonic Band
    • Web page Design/Mgmt
    • Working With Children
    • World Language