• For the following problems write down the answer and how you got it on a separate piece of paper and turn in to Mr. Voronyak


    Septemeber Problem 1:  Extra Credit

    Square In Square


    A regular octagon is inscribed inside a square.

    Another square is inscribed inside the octagon.

    What is the ratio of the area of the smaller square to the area of the larger square?


    October Problem 2: Extra Credit 

    Make It Fair Directions

    Playing the same game, how could we make it a fair game for both Dominic and Amy?  

    Hint for A: It is not 1 white ball.

    Make It Fair Questions


    November Problem 3:  Extra Credit


    Moving Matches

    The following isosceles trapezoid is composed of 7 matches. Modify the position of three matches in order to obtain two equilateral triangles.

    Isosceles Trapezoid


    December Problem 4:  Extra Credit

    Three lines cut rectangle ABCD into six congruent (identical) squares.
    The perimeter of rectangle ABCD is 30 cm. What is the area of the shaded region,
    in square centimeters?

    Rectangular Area



    January Problem 5:  Extra Credit

    When 68 is divided by a certain number, the remainder is 4.  Find the sum of all possible divisors.

    Remainder 4



    February Problem 6:  Extra Credit

    Count the Triangles


    March Problem 7:  Extra Credit

    Nine Squares


    April Problem 8:  Extra Credit

    from 1 through 19



    May Problem 9:  Extra Credit

    Circle Segments


    June Problem 10:  Extra Credit