• Speech Sound Development Chart

    Are you wondering what sounds your child should have acquired for his or her age?  This chart will show the ages when sounds are typically developed in children.

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  • Communication Milestones Guide

    As in all listings of milestones, the information represents an average age at which most monolingual, English-speaking children will acquire a skill.

    LinguiSystems Guide to Communication Milestones contains developmental milestones for the following areas:

    • Feeding
    • Speech-Sound Acquisition
    - Prelinguistic Speech Development
    - Phoneme Development
    - Phonological Patterns
    - Speech Intelligibility
    • Pronouns
    • Morphology
    • Mean Length of Utterance
    • Pragmatics
    • Literacy
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Concepts
    • Vocabulary
    • Questions
    - Answering Questions
    - Asking Questions
    • Listening

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