• Mr. Jeffrey Wucherer,
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Oak Hill Office: 320-370-6000

    Mr. Wucherer’s Phone Ext. 6061

    Mr. Wucherer’s E-Mail: jeffrey.wucherer@isd742.org

Mr. Wucherer
  • Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (September 20th-24th)

    A Peek At The Week:  Reading will find us discussing the questions, Who is your family?  We will also continue to learn the letters Ii-Rr!  We will continue to work on recognizing and creating words that rhyme.  Please make sure you are reviewing this at home too.  Students will work hard at making connections in the text and using strategies to help them figure out words/questions they don’t know.    Look for us to be writing our sight words and continue to introduce our Daily 5 stations!  Our Writers Workshop will find us telling our stories through our illustrations and drawing hard to make ideas and focusing on our EZ Write curriculum!  Math will find us writing our numbers 0-10, reading graphs, working on patterning, and how do we show how many?  During Social Studies we will discuss what the kids like to do and continue to talk about our feelings.  Health will consist of how to stay safe.

    Looking Ahead:  We will begin to take our Kindergarten testing.  Students will create a small book called, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, for their reading bag.  Please talk to your children about where people like to read and who likes to read.  We will make a chart to discuss these topics.  During our writer’s workshop, we will continue to do our EZ-Write program.  Reading will find us continuing to work on our sight words.  Please review the, I, and can.  Our essential question for the week is, What can you do?  Fantasy and Informational text will be the Genre for the week.  Lastly, we will review the letters Ss-Zz.  We will keep working on writing our numbers 0-10, 0-20 and look for patterns on the hundred chart. We will also play a fun shape and number game.  Students will talk about patterns in school and search for patterns in our environment.  Lastly, we will discuss what kids should do during an emergency, review school rules and routines, discuss what to do if we are getting bullied and learning to get what they need in Social Studies.

    Thank You:   I am so excited for another year teaching Kindergarten!   Please continue to make a “BIG” deal of those green tickets!  Our class has had wonderful behavior and they are learning a lot!!  Please let me know if you have any questions about these tickets or your child’s behavior.


    Digital Learning Day:  Friday, Oct. 1st (this will be a day where your child will complete a few seesaw activities and use the starfall and Epic App!


    Please remember to charge your child’s device each night and send them back to school daily!  We will practice how to use them each day.


    Please check your child’s folder each day.  Continue to work on writing their name (1st and last), letters and sounds, rhyming, syllables and number recognition to 100!  Please complete your Math homework each day as well and send a 4x6 family photo in for our family bulletin board.


    Help Wanted:  Please continue to work on the monthly homework packets and please read a book or two to your child each night!  These are to be completed by next Friday, Oct. 1st!

    Thank you, Mr. Wucherer



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