• I look forward to connecting with you on SeeSaw, so please respond to my email or text invitation at your convenience so you can see your student's progress.  Codes for each meeting time can be found in their Barth SeeSaw classroom, and are specific to that time of day.  Thank you for supporting your All-Star!
    Lincoln Elementary All-Star Schedule

    Daily Schedule Monday - Thursday:

    7:30 Team Meetings

    8:30 Gr 3 High Achievment Math

    9:00 Gr 5 High Achievment Reading

    9:45 Gr 4 High Achievment Math

    10:30 Gr 3 High Achievment Reading

    11:15 Lunch

    11:45 Gr 5 High Achievment Math

    12:30 Gr 4 High Achievment Reading

    1:20 Student Support Office Hours google.meet code: BarthSupport

    1:50 Dismissal 

    2:15 Committee Meetings


    Daily Schedule Friday:

    7:30 SeeSaw School Wide Enrichment Student Support

    8:00 Morning Meetings with grade levels

    8:30 SeeSaw Student Support feedback

    9:15 Young Scholars Student Support google.meet code: BarthYS

    9:45 Staff Data Meetings

    10:30 Site Team Planning Meetings

    11:15 Site MTSS Support Meetings

    12:00 Lunch

    12:30 District Team Planning Meetings

    2:00 Teacher Planning Time 


Phone: 320-370-6660


Degrees and Certifications:

College of St. Benedict, Individualized Major with concentration in Social Sciences University of Notre Dame, W. Australia in conjunction with Individualized Major College of St. Scholastica, Teaching Certification with Communication Arts Specialty

Ms. Barth

As a Talent Development Specialist, I work with students who have been invited to reach their full potential through lessons that focus on creative and critical thinking in problem-solving, and showing leadership by displaying a growth mindset in their home classroom and school.

We have a flexible program where students first show growth characteristics in core content in their regular classroom setting, and then we add enrichment materials on home learning days to challenge and engage learners with high potential. We know this combination of growth opportunities in both settings leads to future academic gains, as well.  I am excited to work in partnership with you to provide a path to success!