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    Ms. Brenda Schneider
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                                 Room 221

    Grade Six Language Arts Syllabus Instructor: Brenda Schneider 

    Language Arts Standards and Course Topics

          I.Reading     II. Writing    

          III.  Speaking, Viewing, Listening & Media Literacy      IV. Language


    Grading Policy: Based on mastery of the MN State Standards

    A = Exceeds        B = Meets        C = Partially Meets      D/F = Does Not Meet

    *****Please check skyward to keep updated on progress.


    Language Arts class includes:

    • Collections Houghton Mifflin Harcourt online textbook and materials
    • Read Theory
    • Language/Writing Instruction
    • Speaking, Viewing, Listening Practice
    • Strategies for Proper Communications and Presentations.
    • Technology: Chromebooks,  Schoology, Google Meets 



    What do I need for class in person and/or virtually?

    • Fully Charged Chromebook      
    • Independent Reading Book                
    • Binder, notebook, and writing utensils



    How can I be successful in Language Arts?

    • Check In On Time each Period
    • Participate Virtually or In-Person and Attend Google Meets 
    • Have Fully Charged Chromebook 
    • Complete Assignments on Schoology
    • Have a Growth Mindset, Ask Questions, Be Mindful, and Set Goals 
    • Stay Focused and Persevere              
    • Be Kind and Respectful