Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Colleen O'Brien

Hello!  I have taught in the St. Cloud School District since 2000.  I currently teach Second Grade at Oak Hill.  

Ms. O'Brien's Second Grade Schedule 2022-2023


7:35-8:00= Opening/Breakfast/Morning Meeting

8:00-9:30=  Reading/Language Arts

8-9=Co-teach Reading with Ms. Espiñal

9:00-9:20= Sonday

Thursdays 9:15-9:30= Library book check out

9:20-9:35= Writing

9:40-10:30= United Arts/Specials

Day 1=Gym (Mr. Olson)/ Music (Ms. Bogle)  Day 2= Music/Gym Day 3=Gym/Music, Day 4= Music/Gym, Day 5= Art 

10:30-Bathroom/ Wash hands for Snack

10:35-10:50= Snack/Story

11:50-12:00= Math

12:00-12:30= Lunch



1:20-1:55= Science/Social Studies/Health

Wednesdays 1:20-1:40= Book Buddies with Mrs. Guggenburger's class

2:00= Dismissal