• Apollo EAGLES Bands
    Welcome to the Apollo Bands' page. Here at Apollo, our band program is made up of many groups and activities, including:
    Symphonic Band- the "varsity" level concert group that meets daily. This group is made up of most of the seniors, juniors and sophomores in the band program. Our goal is to learn and perform a variety of music of high quality and to challenge ourselves musically. Our students love to perform and over the past four years have played music that includes:

    Fortress by Frank Ticheli
    Three Klezmer Miniatures by Philip Sparke
    The High School Cadets by Sousa
    The Belle of Chicago by Sousa
    A Song of Loudest Praise by Andrew Boysen Jr.
    Dinosaurs by Dan Buckvich
    Brighton Beach by William Latham
    Cajun Folk Songs by Frank Ticheli
    Canto by W. Francis McBeth 
    English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan-Williams
    Earthdance by Michael Sweeney 
    Concert Band- meets every other day and is made up of all 9th grade band members and some of our older students. The goals in this group are: 1.) to provide a less intense experience than the Symphonic Band and 2.) to develop the skills students will need to succeed in Symphonic Band. The music performed is chosen to have fun and inspire confidence. Students also work on fundamentals of technique, including scales, other exercises and counting rhythms. Every student has been given a packet of materials to learn and check off in the course of the school year. Completion of the packet materials GUARANTEES a student's place in SYMPHONIC band.
    Screaming Eagle Pep Band- Students in the Symphonic Band serve as the pep band and create energy to support athletes at about 8 athletic events per year. Concert Band members are working on pep band music in class for the first time this year, and will join us for the homecoming football game on October 2nd. Concert Band members are also invited to perform at ALL pep band events and earn letter point credit for playing. 
    Jazz Ensemble- meets on Thursday mornings and in the morning on the day of a concert. This band performs at the December and May Concerts at Apollo and at the MSHSL Solo & Ensemble Contest in February.
    Chamber Band- meets at a variety of times starting in November to prepare for MSHSL Solo & Ensemble Contest. This is a group of about 24 members with 1 player per part.