High School Design Forum

  • A High School Design Forum was held May 7 at the Apollo Resource Room to kickoff the design process for a new Tech High School and remodeled Apollo. This initial meeting generated big, visionary ideas for the projects and included staff and community members who discussed specific needs as well as facilities.

    High School Design Forum Click HERE to view the presentation.

    High School Design Process Table discussions included:

    • Community Education
    • Career/Technical Education
    • Studios/Labs
    • The Arts: Music, Visual and Performance
    • Athletics, Activities and PE
    • Media Commons and Technology
    • Special Education
    • General Learning/Science

    Questions for consideration included:

    • What is the vision for the future of ________________ in St. Cloud High Schools?
    • What types of activities are included?
    • What attributes of facilities would support this vision and activities?
    • How might flexibility be built into these facilities?
    • What else needs consideration?

    Watch the video below to learn more.