Ellen Stewart, Principal

  • Ellen Stewart Ellen Stewart is starting her 26th year in education with a plethora of experience as an English Teacher, High School Athletic Director and Administrator in Middle School, High School and Charter School. Ms. Stewart came to the district in 2015 as an Administrative Intern at Tech High School and prior to that, has spent time in schools in Minneapolis, Robbinsdale and Richmond, VA. Ms. Stewart is a former professional basketball player and was Miss Black Minnesota 1988-89.

    Ms. Stewart is passionate about the success of every student and staff member. Her belief is "when excellence is in sight, good is never enough." She believes that every student can learn, should learn and will learn.

    She is also passionate about following the journey of her three children and her granddaughter. She enjoys watching professional football, reading and down time at any of the ten thousand lakes in Minnesota. Her quest for adventure led to skydiving in Mexico and preparing for a safari in Africa.

    Ms. Stewart is ready to start a fabulous year at McKinley-ALC.

    Interesting Tidbit: Ms. Stewart’s favorite animal is the giraffe.  The giraffe cannot go longer than 25 seconds with its head down or it will have a negative impact on the circulatory system.  Keep your head up!

    Email: ellen.stewart@isd742.org

Richard Chakolis, Interim Assistant Principal

  • Richard Chakolis Richard Chakolis graduated from Augsburg College. He completed his master's degree and administrative licensure at St. Mary's University. Chakolis has taught and coached in several different school district's and has always had a strong relationship with the students. Prior to working at McKinley-ALC he was assistant principal at Talahi and was the administrative intern at South Junior high. Chakolis loves working with the staff and students at Talahi and is excited for the upcoming year.

    Email: richard.chakolis@isd742.org