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  • Approximately 30 percent of our students are involved in Tech activities. The District feels activities are very important and Tech want students involved because it teaches them about life’s up and downs and it just enhances their overall educational experience by being in activity. "One of the things I just love about Tech is its history, and the love for Tech that the alumni have, that the current students have, that the faculty have."

    Research indicates that leadership is developed through activities. Kids do slightly better in school when they are involved with extracurricular activities. They’re less likely to be involved in problem behaviors.  Being connected to a group creates teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving skills. It gives the kids something to be identified and take pride in. When parents and community members are asked about the activities they were involved in, they speak as if it was just yesterday simply because they were impacted and challenged in a way perhaps they never had in any other setting. District 742 wants today’s students to have that same experience when they look back on their high school years as a really positive time in their life. Tech is really making a difference in their lives,  for growth, change and development.

    Go Tech Tigers!

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