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    Friday, May 31st, 2019



    Day 2



    Fri. Lunch:

    Line 1: Hamburger on a WG Bun

    Line 2: Hot Dog and Chips

    Grab & Go: Chicken Caesar Salad

    Stir Fry Veggies


    Sandwich of the DaySun Butter & Jelly

    Salad of the Day: Chef Salad w/Roll


    *Attention Students:  There will be NO Dreamline Thursday (5/30) or Friday (5/31) of this week.  The last day will be tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th till 4 pm.  Thank you


    Yearbooks: We have a limited supply for purchase for $20…first come, first serve!



    Friday, May 31 is Summer Send Off at North Jr High.  Report to Advisory as usual, and then to Period 1 classes at 8:30 for attendance before the All-School Assembly.  You will rotate through the sessions you signed up for Periods 2, 3, 4 or 5 (you still have regular Advisory and Lunch), and 6.  You will then report to your regular Period 7 class for our All-School Challenges.

    Those of you who signed up for outside events such as Soccer, Kickball, Neighborhood Walk, Pokemon GO , Baseball, Softball, and Yard games should dress for outside weather and consider bringing your own sunblock. Remember, Neighborhood Walk and Pokemon GO require signed permission slips!

    Bring a book if you are Reading.

    If you signed up for Yoga, please bring a clean, clear single serving beverage bottle and yoga matt if you are able.

    If you signed up for Scrapbooking you could bring photos.

    If you signed up for Coloring you could bring your own coloring items if you prefer.

    For all activities, bring your best self so we can focus on FUN!  Our expectation is that all North students follow PBIS rules and directions so you can enjoy the full day!


    PAKRAT Roll and Read Book Bus

    Our bus is open to children of all ages from birth through eighth grade!

    What: The PAKRAT Roll and Read book bus will be coming to a neighborhood near you! Come check out your favorite books from our library on the bus! Our book bus is open to children of all ages and completely free!

    When: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons during the summer. Please come to any location that is convenient for you!

    Returning Books: We do not charge for lost library books! Our goal is to keep every child reading over the summer to prevent the summer slide! You can return your books at any stop any week during the summer or to any school in District 742 in the fall.


    Tuesday Dates June 18th and 25th July 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August 6th



    Stop 1: 12:40 Roosevelt Boys and Girls Club – 345 30th Ave. N.

    Stop 2: 1:05 Pan Town – 33rd Ave. N between 4th and 5th St. N.

    Stop 3: 1:30 St. John’s Cantius Church – 1515 3rd St. N.

    Stop 4: 2:05 Southside Boys and Girls Club - 1209 6th Ave S.

    Stop 5: 2:35 Community Outpost – 600 13th St. S.

    Stop 6: 2:50 Ivy Apartments – 9th Ave. S.

    Wednesday Dates June 19th and 26th July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st August 7th



    Stop 1: 12:40 Westwood Elementary School

    Stop 2: 1:05 770 Savanna Avenue (Westwood Village)

    Stop 3: 1:30 Kennedy Elementary School

    Stop 4: 1:50 Bel Clare Acres

    Stop 5: 2:20 Discovery Elementary School

    Stop 6: 2:55 YMC


    Thursday Dates June 20th and 27th July 11th, 18th and 25th August 1st and 8th



    Stop 1: 12:40 Lincoln Elementary School

    Stop 2: 1:05 Talahi Elementary School

    Stop 3: 1:35 1200 Division St.

    Stop 4: 2:00 East Side Boys and Girls Club

    Stop 5: 2:35 Madison Elementary School

    Stop 6: 3:05 408 Park Meadows Drive (Park Meadows Apartments)



    LEAF “Best of 742” Photo Contest:  Photo contest starts May 1st, 2019.  The focus of this contest is to shine a light on District 742 academics, activities, arts and athletic programs and students.  All students, staff, parents and residents of District 742 are eligible to submit photos for the contest. For official contest rules, please visit the LEAF web page -  Photos cannot be submitted until May 1 and the first contest will run until June 30.  Thereafter contests will run three months, ending on September 30, December 31, March 31 and June 30. Contestants simply go to the top of the Navigation Bar at the top of the LEAF web page and click on "Photo Contest.”


    Project Wisdom

    Good morning, North Junior High. Here are a few words of wisdom.

    There's a lot to learn here at school, isn't there? . . . all the facts and ideas

    and methods . . . all the math and the vocabulary and the history. And then

    you go home and there's still more to learn, like how to fold laundry or how

    to cook a meal. I guess it can be a little overwhelming at times. But there is

    a trick for making it all a bit easier, and this is how newswoman Diane Sawyer put it. She said:

    I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no

    substitute for paying attention.

    Today, make it easier on yourself by listening and paying attention to your parents,

    teachers, and coaches. After all, why learn the hard way when you can learn

    from the experience of those a little older and wiser?

    Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.