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    Tuesday May 23rd, 2017


    Day 1

    Band Day “L”


    Attention Students:  You only need to be in the hallway where your locker is located before, during, and after school.  This will help with hallway congestion and exiting the building promptly.  Thank you


    Student Leadership will meet for one final meeting on Friday, May 26 at 8:25 in the Media Center.


    Ignite Your Potential: The High Energy Advanced Training (HEAT) Program is a comprehensive program designed to enhance and restore flexibility, strength, power, speed, and cardio-vascular conditioning.  The program is based on sound scientific and medical principles to help your reach your full fitness potential.  Schedule for the program:  M/W/F 7 am-9 am, 12 pm-4:30 pm.  Tue/Thurs 10 am.  Cost: 12 weeks- $450, 10 weeks- $400, 8 weeks- $350, and 6 weeks- $300.  For more information, pick up a flyer at the office or contact Rusty Deters or Kevin Hardy at 320-654-9090.


    Any track athletes that have not turned in their uniform:

    Please turn uniforms into Mrs. Herbert in Room 219 or Mr. Washington in room 186-Reflection room today!


    Art @ North Gallery Show is this Thursday, May 25th from 4:00-5:00 in the cafeteria. All parents, teachers, and students are invited! It is a child friendly event, so feel free to go home and get your kids and bring them to it as well. 


    **Announcing the Winners of the 4th Draw for Art Contest: 


    1st Place Isabelle Sutton

    2nd Place Abbi Stephanie

    3rd Place Alexa Noyes


    You May come pick out your prizes the day after Memorial Day at 3pm. I will contact you between now and then to let you know the location. See you there!  Thanks to everyone who entered! Look for your artwork and art supply in homeroom the week after next.


    Ramadan starts on Saturday, May 27th and ends June 24th, 2017.  Keep in mind these dates.


    The District Somali Family Night for Immunization Awareness is planned for Wednesday, May 24 at 5 p.m. at North's Little Theater.


    *UPDATED: Girls’ swimming camp 2017-2018:

    Free summer camp, team practices, and team events!  The summer camp starts July 17th and practices start July 24th.  This will be held at Apollo High School.  For more information, there are details in the office.  Or contact Alex Badger, Vanessa Lanlaanen, or Elise Morell at Apollo at 320-253-1600 or through email:, and


    Still need an agenda?  We have some still available!  They cost $2.00 and can be picked up in the office.


    Project Wisdom

    Good morning, North Junior High. Here are a few words of wisdom.

    You might know the story of Peter Pan. It's a story that is loved by people of all ages. Why do you suppose that is? Maybe it's because all of us, from time to time, wish we could fly away from life's problems, just like Peter Pan.

    Flying away usually isn't the answer. Someone once said that

    Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

    Maybe that was Peter Pan's trick! So lighten up today! Look for the good in yourself and others or you might wind up permanently grounded.

    Make it a great day . . . or not. The choice is yours.


    Tues. Lunch:                                      Wed. Breakfast:                                                             

    Chicken Fajita Wrap w/Cheese,              Bagel with Cream Cheese

    Lettuce, Pico & Sour Cream                     and Jelly

    Baby Baker Potatoes                                 Craisins

    Key West Vegetable Blend                        Apple

    Fruit Cocktail


    Sandwich of the day:  Sun Butter & Jelly, Turkey & Egg Salad