Apollo High School History

  • The idea for Apollo High School arose in the late 1960s the St. Cloud area realized the need for a second public high school. Superintendent Jim Michie asked Paul Kinney and others to design the school.

    Kinney, who would later become our first principal, began an exhaustive study. He concluded there was no proof the existing Carnegie Unit model was the best way to educate youth. Kinney also believed students could be partly responsible for their education. Thus was born the flexible modular schedule, which has defined Apollo throughout its existence.

    Less seat time for students meant satellite areas in which the students could independently pursue their studies. The Resource Center, where students could access books, periodicals, tapes, and other media, became the school's focal point.

    The Apollo staff first welcomed students in the fall of 1970. Together students and staff learned to take full advantage the new school and its flexible schedule.

    Our school name -- borrowed from the U.S. space program -- has always embodied a sense of mission. Each year the staff forges a partnership with students. Each year students and staff create a community of shared purpose. With the support of the people of District 742, our mission will continue many decades into the future.