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     AP Scores and College Credit


Apollo High School Testing Framework

Name of Test Grade Purpose of Test Fee
MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) Reading Math 10 11 Provide information to evaluate student success in Minnesota’s new standards- based education system. No
Plan 10 Achievement test, ACT predictor and practice test, career assessment. Yes
PSAT/NMSQT 10,11 Achievement test, SAT predictor and practice test, National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test (NMSQT) Suggested for students ranking in top 25%. Yes
ACT 11,12 College entrance exam (Required by most 4 year colleges in MN and surrounding states - check with college.) -Scholarship selection -NCAA Clearinghouse -Interest Inventory Yes
SAT 11,12 College entrance exam (Is required by some colleges in MN and surrounding states - Check with college.) -Scholarship selection -NCAA Clearinghouse Yes
ASVAB 11,12 Career exploration and aptitude awareness. Required for the military but useful for students who want a thorough career assessment No
AP Testing 9,10,11,12 Advanced Placement Exams are recognized nationally. Tests are offered in various curriculum areas. Students may receive college credit by obtaining a passing score. Yes
STAR Testing 9 The STAR Reading and Math assessment measures reading comprehension and math skills. It provides information to help teachers tailor instruction, monitor growth, and improve students’ performance. This test is given in the Fall, Winter and the Spring. No
Strong/Campbell Interest Inventory 11,12 Career exploration Yes
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