Clubs & Groups

Apollo & North Grades 7-12 Activities

Activity Advisor Activity Fee
Apollo Newspaper Nick Ferguson
Art Club Carri Snider
Ballroom Dance Nicole Miller
Band George Zahn
Book Club TBD
Bowling Pete Schwegel and Lance Hengel
CARE Club Vanessa VanLaanen
Drama/Theater TBD $85.00
French Club Amanda Bailey
Future Problem Solving/CmPS Karlyn Doyle $40.00
Geography Club (LBGTQ) Jeremy Engen and Vanessa VanLaanen
German Club GAPP Vanessa VanLaanen
Green Club Katy Herrboldt
Knowledge Bowl Sue Peterka $85.00
Link Crew Nick Ferguson, Aaron Voronyak & Evan Bell
Luna Magazine Nick Ferguson
Math League Veronica Lunde $85.00
Mock Trial Jane Keenan $85.00
National Honor Society Gretchen Van Hauen $35.00
Orchestra Dianne Brady
Pep Band George Zahn
Robotics "VEX" Matt Keil $20.00
Rock Climbing Matt Stockinger $95.00
S.A.D.D. Cathie Helminick
Spanish Club Jane Keenan
Speech Jeremy Engen $85.00
Student Union Marcia Handahl
Trap Team Mary Barron-Traut
Vocal Music Victoria Janasz
We Act Cathie Helminick
Yearbook "Odyssey" Steve Sandeen
  • Click HERE for a printable version of activities.

    • Fees based on 2017-2018 school year. Prices may be subject to change.
    • Students who qualify for a reduced lunch fee are allowed to pay 50% of listed price.
    • Students who qualify for free lunch are allowed to pay a flat fee of $35.00.