Ligeros Art Classroom

  • Student-Led Art Lesson: To empower the student to self-direct in the creating process though voice, choice, competency, purpose, creativity, discovery, originality, independence, and engagement.  Not to limit the student in their productivity, but to have an emotional experience as one explores the physical and thought process in the art classroom.


    The lesson:

    • Students will use a variety of materials and techniques to create a variety of art projects.  The teacher will give several mini-demonstrations on how to use a wide variety of mediums and techniques.  Students will work on completing the packet guiding them through the art course as a set of goals, questions, and writings about the learning experience.  When a student completes a section/project in the packet, the student will show, discuss and explain the project with the teacher.  The teacher will grade the project with the student and enter a score in the gradebook. The teacher will help facilitate the students during their process of art creation. Schoology will be used as a resource center for students to gather insight, information, and ideas.  Students will work at their own pace but must finish all projects and the packet by a set date. The only exception is clay, and that must be the first project the student works on due to time restraints with the process. 
    • Students must represent in their projects the following: personal, social, cultural, and historical, either individually or as a combination in an art project(s) and be able to explain how each is incorporated.



Degrees and Certifications:

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.