Elementary School Counselors (Grades K - Five)

  • Our Elementary Counseling Program is to empower all students to acquire educational, occupational, and social/emotional competencies necessary to live and contribute in a changing and diverse society while celebrating individual differences.

    We meet the developmental needs of the whole student: Academic; Personal/Social and Future Preparation by:

    • Individual counseling
    • Small group counseling
    • Preventative classroom guidance lessons
    • School-wide programming
    • Parent consultations
    • Faculty consultation, collaboration, and education
    • Coordination of services
    • Referrals for specialized assistance

Our Counselors

Counselor School Email
Lisa Wannebo Clearview Lisa.Wannebo@isd742.org
Ellen Jahnke Discovery Ellen.Jahnke@isd742.org
Joan Hauck Discovery joan.hauck@isd742.org
Amy OHare Kennedy Amy.O'Hare@isd742.org
Mitchell Nelson KJEC mitchell.nelson@isd742.org
Alicia Schlangen Lincoln alicia.schlangen@isd742.org
Jennifer Nistler Madison Jennifer.Nistler@isd742.org
Kim Brown Oak Hill kimberly.brown@isd742.org
Sandra Shettel Oak Hill sandra.shettel@isd742.org
Kirsten Tatge Talahi Kristen.Tatge@isd742.org
Reed Mauriala Westwood reed.mauriala@isd742.org

Elementary School Counselors Can:

  • Reduce Student

    • Aggressive behavior
    • Social anxiety
    • Arguments/conflict
    • Acting out behavior
    • Test anxiety
    • Classroom disruptions
  • Increase Student

    • Pro-social behavior
    • Belonging & safety
    • Self-efficacy, self-esteem
    • Social skills
    • Productive work habits
    • Motivation
    • Study skills
    • Grades & test scores