• Initiated in 1996, InStep provides a community-based educational setting for disabled young adults who require moderate to significant support. Following graduation, InStep students work on their transition skills through their individual education plan (IEP). Instruction is based on a student's current and future priorities and may address one or more transition areas: jobs and job training, post-secondary education and learning opportunities, community participation, home and daily living, and recreation and leisure.

    InStep offers a variety of on-site, non-paid work situations for students to observe and practice on a daily basis. Off-site vocational experiences are also arranged on an individual basis. Various businesses and employees throughout the St. Cloud Community serve as mentors by guiding and interacting with students in both work and non-work situations.

    InStep students are asked to think about the future -- where, how and with whom they would like to live, work and recreate. All instructional activities are designed to promote the greatest level of self-direction and independence each young adult can achieve. Each student's daily schedule reflects his or her individual priorities in the areas of work, home living, recreation and leisure, community participation and post-secondary education.