Transitional Education Services (Title I, Part D)

  • What are Transitional Services?

    Transitional Services are those that support the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act, assuring a student’s rights to enroll in and attend school regardless of a transitional living situation.

    Families-students may enroll at the “Welcome Center” located at Quarryview Education Center, 800 7th St S, Waite Park, MN 56387. If transportation to the Welcome Center is not available, families can contact Transitional Services to obtain assistance with transportation or to enroll off-site. They can also help with answering questions and in obtaining school-related supplies.

    What is considered a “Transitional Living Situation”?

    Transitional living situations include those families with students temporarily living in the following…

    • Shelter, motel, vehicle, or campground
    • On the street
    • In an abandoned building or other inadequate space
    • Doubling up-living with friends or relatives because of the inability to find or afford housing

    What educational support services are offered?

    Liaisons can…

    • Provide registration information
    • Assist with student enrollment
    • Support parents with efforts to maintain current school placement throughout the period of transition
    • Ensure students receive opportunities for participation in special programs and/or services as provided to all students (For example, preschool, parent-teacher-student goal setting conferences, etc.)
    • Aid students wishing to participate in District 742 sponsored extracurricular activities

    What academic services are offered?

    • Consultation with classroom teacher(s) or counselor(s) as appropriate
    • Provision of required educational supplies

    What transportation services are offered?

    • Assistance with district or city transportation to/from student's current school while homeless or in temporary housing
    • Plan for transportation to allow parent(s) to participate fully in school activities, such as parent/teacher/student conferences, school meetings, or evening performances

    Why are Transitional Services important?

    The primary goal of Transitional-Homeless Services is to provide support for students in attending, learning, and experiencing all school has to offer.