Homebound Instruction

  • The District is obligated to provide regular and special education services for K-12 students who are absent from or predicted to be absent from the normal school site for 15 consecutive days or who are home due to accident, illness, or health impairment. State law requires that a student receive one hour of instruction for each day missed during the duration of illness. Students earn homebound instruction time retroactively; a documented absence of 15 days = 15 hours of homebound instruction. The 15-day waiting period does not apply to students with a documented chronic illness or life threatening disease.

    The District must also make alternative education services available to students whose placement is changed to their home because of an IEP team decision, Secondary Placement Unit decision, or disciplinary reasons. Education services must be provided beginning on the sixth consecutive day of a suspension and from the first day of expulsion or exclusion. The District frequently meets its obligation to provide education services by providing a homebound instructor.

    A homebound student is defined as a student who is unable to attend at the school site due to the illness, injury or placement or a student being placed in the home setting because the IEP team has determined it is in the best interest of the child to receive their education in the home. At a minimum, an average of one hour of one-to-one homebound instruction must be provided for each membership day claimed through homebound instruction.