Tutoring Services

  • Tutoring (Homebound, Homebased, Alternative Education Services)

    The District provides tutoring for students who are homebound due to injury or illness or who are placed at home by the IEP team or as a result of disciplinary action.   The three types of tutoring are homebound tutoring, homebased tutoring and Alternative Education Services. 

    A homebound student is defined as a student who is unable to attend at the school site due to the illness, injury and who is confined to home. District 742 is obligated to provide regular and special education services for K-12 students who are absent from or predicted to be absent from school for 15 consecutive days or who are home due to accident, illness, or health impairment.

    A homebased student is defined as a student who has been placed at home by the IEP team or as a result of a disciplinary action. When approved by the Executive Director of Student Services/Special Education, students who are placed at home can be provided with homebased tutoring.

    Tutoring may also be used to provide Alternative Education Services.  Alternative Education Services must be offered beginning on the sixth consecutive day of a suspension, after 11cumulative days of suspension in one year, and from the first day of expulsion or exclusion.  Alternative Education Services could also be provided through tutoring if a student is placed at home for a 45-day Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES).