About Digital Learning

  • Online Safety & Digital Wellness

    Security, safety and privacy are important for all Central MN Virtual Academy students and families to practice. Being safe online includes making good choices about what you share, who you communicate with and what choices you make to keep you and your data safe.

    In accordance with Board Policy 524 - Internet Responsible Use & Safety Policy, outside of school, parents bear responsibility for the same guidance of internet use as they do with information sources such as television, telephones, radio, movies and other media. Parents are responsible for monitoring their student’s use of the District’s educational technologies, including school-issued email accounts, devices and the Internet if the student is accessing the District’s electronic technologies from home or through other remote location(s).

    Parenting in a Digital Age Video

    Parental Controls

    Our online classrooms are respectful and safe environments for students and staff. St. Cloud Area School District 742 uses Securly to help keep students safe on their school issued devices. Families with email addresses on file with the district will be automatically enrolled and will receive email reports from Securly. Weekly activity emails provide snapshots of your child’s Internet use while on a school-owned or issued device. The emails parents receive can help start conversations around various topics, including education, online safety, and peer pressure.  More information can be found online at https://www.isd742.org/Page/8932.

    Screen Time

    At Central MN Virtual Academy, we believe in a healthy balance of learning, social connections and physical activity.  It is important to note that not all screen usage is the same - some being more passive (eg. watching video) and some is more active (eg. creating music).  We use technology for connection within our classes, to provide context and direct instruction, and to encourage creative and critical thinking.  To learn more, go to “How Can I Help My Kids Develop Good Screen Time Habits?” from Common Sense Media.

    Synch and Asynch Learning

    Online learning presents a number of opportunities for a  more personalized and flexible learning environment.  Learning in a virtual environment generally takes place in either a synchronous or asynchronous space.  Synchronous learning is when both the teacher and student(s) are logged in at the same time and learning takes place at the same time together.  Asynchronous learning is when students are engaged in learning at a time and place that best meets their needs.  Because we believe in supporting a robust and flexible learning opportunity for students, most instruction will take place in an asynchronous format.  However, there will be times when students will be asked to connect live with their teacher and/or other students in a synchronous environment.