Equity Services Partnerships

Multi-District Collaborative Council (MDCC)

St. Cloud is part of an eight district collaborative to build partnerships and establish collaborative learning activities to improve student achievement for all students. As a recipient of Integration/Desegregation Revenue from the Minnesota Department of Education, the collaborative seeks opportunities for students to build relationships and explore new friendships with diverse populations and become stronger members of the Center Minnesota community. Districts participating in the collaborative include Holdingford, Cold Spring, Sauk Rapids-Rice, Foley, Kimball, Becker and Annandale school districts. While the collaborative includes many different types of projects to develop cultural competencies within district populations, Classroom Partnerships engage students in a meaningful way to improve academic skills while learning more about the surrounding community. The table below indicates the current classroom partnerships:

 DistrictClass/Topic  Grade Level # Of Classes # Of StudentsPartnership School 
 Becker Art Class (Chalk Talk) High School 1 20 Tech/Apollo
 Annandale Art Class Middle Level 1 27 South
 Annandale Science 8th Grade 1 TBD TBD
 Annandale Literacy 6-7th Grade TBD TBD TBD
 Sauk Rapids / Rice One District One Book Elementary 5 60 Madison
 Sauk Rapids / Rice Community Celebration of Culture High School TBD TBD TBD
 Sauk Rapids / Rice Classroom Partnerships Elementary 3 60 Madison
 Sauk Rapids / Rice Common Ground High School N/A 12 Tech/Apollo
 Sauk Rapids / Rice Diversity Leadership Group/Pen Pals TBD TBD TBD TBD
 Sauk Rapids / Rice Odyssey Magnet Middle/High School TBD TBD Middle/High School
 Kimball Classroom Partnerships TBD TBD TBD Talahi
 Kimball Respect Retreat 9th Grade N/A N/A Tech or Apollo
 Kimball Kindness Retreat Elementary TBD TBD Discovery
 Foley Arts Class High School TBD TBD Tech/Apollo
 Foley Literacy Exchange 2nd Grade TBD TBD Discovery
 Foley Literacy/American Indian Exchange 3rd Grade TBD TBD Discovery
 Foley Art Class 9-12th Grade N/A 60 Tech, Apollo
 Foley Common Ground High School N/A 12 Tech, Apollo
 Holdingford We Day Middle School TBD TBD North
 Holdingford Science, Social, Phy Ed, Art Collaboratives Middle School TBD TBD North
 Holdingford Anti-Bullying Campaign Middle School TBD TBD North
 ROCORI Classroom Partnership (History) Middle School 2 2 North, South
 ROCORI Common Ground High School N/A N/A Tech, Apollo

Multi-District Collaborative Council Goals:

  • Create, support and encourage a welcoming environment that is respectful, integrated and inviting for all.
  • Increase cultural competency of students, staff and community in order to be full partners in the global marketplace.
  • Increase student knowledge, skills and abilities to fully participate in the district, community and global society in the areas of academics, access and student development.