Student Support Groups

  • Mentoring, Advising, Tutoring (MAT) Groups

    The Department of Equity Services Mentoring and Tutoring Program is a service provided in the St. Cloud School District for students and classrooms who could benefit from additional support in and out of the classroom. The program is comprised of student groups, mentoring, tutoring and one on one academic and social intervention.

    Tutoring support will be offered individually and in classrooms. Tutoring will assist student in building academic skills, complete assignments, and receive additional monitoring and academic support.

    The mentoring component will provide one-to-one interactions between a student and his/her mentor. The role of the mentor is to try to develop  trusting relationships with his/her assigned mentee and provide guidance, support as well as pass on knowledge, that can increase the possibility of the student making better choices and improve in his/her academic performance .

    Elementary Schools 

    Tutors and mentors will be assigned to selective elementary schools within the district. The classroom selection process will be determined by building staff. Tutors will be assigned to selected classrooms.

    In the classrooms teachers will identify, which students should be the primary focus for tutoring help.

    Students can also be matched with mentors at the request of building administration, teachers and counseling staff.

    Middle Schools

    Tutors will be assigned to work with selective students during or after school. Students will be identified by staff and paired with a tutor who can work with them in the subject area the student is struggling with.

    In addition to tutoring, groups can be requested.

    High Schools

    MANUP and the African American Female Leadership group will be offered. These groups will teach students how to make appropriate choices, and build on skills they already have. Students will be provided with life skills information they can use as they make the transitions to adulthood.

    Contact Henry Galloway, Coordinator for Academic Achievement and Support, at 320-370-8103 for more information.