Student Educational Groups

  • African American Girls Leadership Group

    The African American Girls Leadership Group primary purpose is to bring African American girls together to learn the history of what role African American females played in their culture. Participants will also be taught skills that are necessary to help them experience successes in school and in future endeavors.

    Female presenters from various professions will present information that will generate conversation and empower group participants to learn to appreciate who they are and encourage them to strive to be successful. The goal is to develop leadership skills and teach group participants appropriate ways to address issues they may experience in school and in the community. These groups are held at Tech and Apollo. Click HERE for meeting schedule.

    Contact Henry Galloway, Coordinator for Academic Achievement and Support, at 320-370-8103 for more information.

  • AMO Enterprise Group

    In 2014-15 we consulted with AMO Enterprise to work with two of our high schools to develop leadership around diversity and multicultural issues. The teams were created based on the demographic breakdown of the schools in which they attend. There were a total of six sessions per school to address issues such as how to take leadership roles around differences. These sessions took place each month from November through April. The principals received positive feedback from the teams relative to the work they were doing. The plan is to continue meeting with new leadership teams during the 2015-16 school year. We hope these efforts continue to increase the culture and climate of each building within the district.

    Discussions are held annually with Link Crew leaders as part of training, with the focus on everyone feeling a part of the Apollo and Tech High School communities; it is part of the Link Crew orientation and the whole premise behind the Link Crews. Meeting dates are:

    • October 19
    • November 16
    • December 21
    • January 18
    • February 15 
    • March 22

    Tech & South's session will be held in the morning (8:30) and Apollo & North's session will be held in the afternoon (11:18). Bussing will be provided by Equity services.

    Contact Sebastian Witherspoon, Director of Equity Services at 320-370-8105. 

  • Culture and Climate Student Groups

    Culture and Climate groups are formed around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong. Two groups formed at Tech High School out of some concerns students expressed that eventually led to a peaceful student walkout that was represented by primarily Somali students. Both student groups met every Thursday, 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. from March 26, 2015 through May 28, 2015. The Tech High School Culture and Climate Groups seek to provide a safe environment where students can voice their concerns, and with the assistance of St. Cloud School District Administration and Student Support Services, craft a series of action steps that will lead to a safe and caring environment for all students. This group is guided by the direction of the District’s Equity Department and uses the St. Cloud School District’s Mission Statement foundation for the group’s work. These groups will continue throughout the 2016-17 school year.

    Contact Sebastian Witherspoon, Director of Equity Services at 320-370-8105. 

  • International Student Presenters

    Through a collaborative effort between the Center for International Studies at St Cloud State University and the Department of Equity Services at St Cloud School District 742, we are able to present the International Student Presenters Program.

    The goal of the International Student Presenters Program is to provide K through 12 schools within with a resource that will enhance the global understanding for all students and staff. Through this collaboration, a panel of SCSU international students present information about their culture and/or country to include topics ranging from the education system in their country, history, art, cultural traditions, music and their contemporary lifestyle.

    Presentations can be scheduled during the course of the school year.

    Contact Henry Galloway, Coordinator for Academic Achievement and Support, at 320-370-8103 for more information.

  • MANUP Leadership Group

    The MANUP group is a motivational group, which encourages "self- assertiveness" and initiative, based upon fifteen proven principles of achieving success in any chosen field of interest in life. Each week group participants are given clearly understood tasks and assignments to perform daily.

    The group is designed to challenge young men to prepare for the transition from "boy-hood" to "man-hood"; a transition  which necessarily requires them to take responsibility for one’s own actions without depending on other's to do it for them. They will set meaningful, reachable goals and, a reasonable timeline to achieve the weekly goals.  These groups are held at Tech and Apollo. Click HERE for meeting schedule.

    Contact Henry Galloway, Coordinator for Academic Achievement and Support, at 320-370-8103 for more information.

  • Social Groups

    Many of our students face difficult challenges in their lives. These challenges can often times create barriers for learning. The Equity Services Department partners with elementary schools in the district to implement social groups in their building. The groups are for students who have been identified as students who would benefit from additional social and emotional support.

    The groups are interactive and designed to help students make appropriate choices and build on skills they already have. The activities are designed to encourage students to address issues they usually don’t talk about.  The structure of the groups provides students with a safe and environment where they feel comfortable sharing social and emotional issues.

    Topics such as conflict resolution, social responsibility, anger management, self- awareness, peer pressure, bullying, respect and leadership are all incorporated into the group.

    Contact Henry Galloway, Coordinator for Academic Achievement and Support, at 320-370-8103 for more information.

  • Stay Kool in School

    Stay Kool in School is an intensive program for male’s ages 12-15 years of age.  Through the Stay Kool in School curriculum youth will come to appreciate their own cognitive process and understand the cycle of anger and its destructive costs, the short-term gains vs. the long-term consequences of negative anger outbursts.  Young men will also learn tools to get his needs met in ways that are not detrimental to self or harmful to others. 

    The program entails 12 weeks of weekly, one-hour meetings held at both North and South Junior High Schools.  The work during each session will be introspective, encouraging youth to take risks.  Participants will complete assignments in sessions or at home and present to the groups where they will have the opportunity to receive and offer constructive feedback in a safe setting.

    Contact Sebastian Witherspoon, Director of Equity Services at 320-370-8105.