Student Groups (Educational and Support)

  • African American Girls Leadership Group

    The African American Girls Leadership Group primary purpose is to bring African American girls together to learn the history of what role African American females played in their culture. Participants will also be taught skills that are necessary to help them experience successes in school and in future endeavors. Female presenters from various professions will present information that will generate conversation and empower group participants to learn to appreciate who they are and encourage them to strive to be successful. The goal is to develop leadership skills and teach group participants appropriate ways to address issues they may experience in school and in the community. These groups are held at Tech and Apollo.

  • Culture and Climate Student Groups

    Student Equity Groups are formed around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong. The groups formed at the high schools out of some concerns students expressed that eventually led to a need for student voice. The groups seek to provide a safe environment where students can voice their concerns, and with the assistance of St. Cloud School District Administration and Student Support Services, craft a series of action steps that will lead to a safe and caring environment for all students. This group is guided by the direction of the District’s Equity Department and uses the St. Cloud School District’s Mission Statement foundation for the group’s work.

  • Social Groups

    Many of our students face difficult challenges in their lives. These challenges can oftentimes create barriers for learning. The Equity Services Department partners with elementary schools in the district to implement social groups in their building. The groups are for students who have been identified as students who would benefit from additional social and emotional support. The groups are interactive and designed to help students make appropriate choices and build on skills they already have. The activities are designed to encourage students to address issues they usually don’t talk about. The structure of the groups provides students with a safe and caring environment where they feel comfortable sharing social and emotional issues. Topics such as conflict resolution, social responsibility, anger management, self-awareness, peer pressure, bullying, respect and leadership are all incorporated into the group.

    Resilience Group

    The goal for the group is to discuss the issues in society and school from students' viewpoints. The group will discuss positive things or items that can assist them in self-care, which means taking care of your future self, not just the present. Self-care is about paying attention to yourself and being honest about what will make you healthiest and happiest overall. Self- Care isn't about escaping life but finding new ways to enjoy it.

    Student will:

    • Improve academic performance
    • Build on skills they already have
    • Make appropriate choices
    • Improve communication skills
    • Build confidence that will enhance social, /emotional, personal and academic growth
    • Teach responsible decision making
    • Bring about change: Shifting in their Thinking
    • Foster positive relationships with peers, family and staff


    The Department of Equity Services provides a mentoring Activity at Westwood Elementary School. High school Students from Apollo High will be matched with a student from Westwood and serve as positive role model to a mentee. The mentoring will be implemented on a weekly basis at Westwood Elementary School.

    Mentors will provide one-to-one relationships with selective mentees within the building. The role of the mentor is to try to develop a trusting relationship with his/her assigned student and provide guidance, support and pass on knowledge, that can increase the chances of the student making better choices and improve in his/her academic performance. Mentoring can also encourage support for changes in behavior, attitudes and ambition.


    These groups teach students how to make appropriate choices and support student strengths and skills. Students are provided communication skills to promote effective listening and active learning. These groups are facilitated at district-wide buildings to support social emotional learning, inspire academics and reinforce Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) strategies.

    For more information, contact the school or the Office of Equity Services, 320-370-8100.