District Leadership Groups

  • District Equity Leadership Team (DELT)

    During the 2014-15 school year, the Equity department established a District Equity Leadership Team (DELT). DELT met every third Tuesday of the month. and was comprised of roughly 20 members. The members of DELT consisted of different/various leadership, school leadership, teachers, and support staff. The purpose of DELT is to identify effective instructional strategies and practices that can help teachers and staff increase achievement for underserved populations. The DELT work will continue going forward into next school year, establishing what type of work needs to be done within the district to help all students, specifically students of color.

  • Integration & Equity Board Committee

    The Integration and Equity Board Committee consists of three St. Cloud Area School District 742 Board of Education members, along with the Assistant Superintendent and Director of Equity Services. The purpose of the Integration and Equity Board Committee is to advise and collaborate with the Board of Education, Superintendent Office, Equity Department, and the greater school community in fulfilling its function as it pertains to diversity, integration equity, academic excellence, achievement gap, harassment and other such issues.


    For more information, contact the Office of Equity Services, 320-370-8100.