Technology Integration

  • What is Technology Integration?

    When talking about integration, it is important to see the difference between what is done now, and what can be done and what has only been dreamed of. To "use" technology means one does what one always does. But now with ed tech tools; to "integrate" means that the district can explore new ways to engage students while connecting with the content in a way that is new, exciting and most importantly effective for learning. When technology is integrated, it means the district is working to...

    • Create something that has not yet existed
    • Collaborate with others to find new understanding
    • Communicate with others to find answers and more questions.
  • Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK)

    TPACK is a model of integrating technology that focuses on the balance of three (3) different but equally important knowledges - pedagogy (how to teach), content (what to teach) and technology (tools to support learning). In order to effectively use technology for teaching and learning, one needs to have an understanding of all spheres of knowledge, not just know how to use technology.

    For those teachers who feel they do not have have the background to explore technology, keep in mind that integration of educational technology is not about the tool, but an understanding of ALL THREE SPHERES. Using technology is not the answer. Integrating technology into a good lesson plan with strong content is what matters. As the old saying goes - "There's no music in a piano just like there's no learning in a device." The key to education is still, and always will be a good teacher with a good plan having access to good tools.