• *WHAT IS MY GPA: average of all your grades starting from your freshman year.  GPA is an important to your future: what college you can attend, what kid of upper-level high school classes you can take and what academic or athletic scholarships you may get

    *WHAT IS MY TRANSCRIPT: history of the classes you took and what grades you received.  It lists all your grades you received and then calculates your GPA.  This tells the story of the high school courses you took.  Transcripts can also include test scores


      1. Throughout the school year, you can request your transcripts by messaging your counselor or stopping in the guidance office 
      2. At the end of the year: TBA 




    HOW TO FIND MY GPA: to find your GPA use the grading scale listed above.  Each class you take is worth a certain amount of points.  For each tri, add up your total number of points you get for each grade you received and then divide by the number of classes you took.  This is your GPA.