Westwood PTA (PAW - Parent Association of Westwood)

  • The Westwood parent group officially became PAW (Parent Association of Westwood) in the summer of 2010. We help to raise money for many of the activities children do at Westwood. . The money raised helps fund field trips, activities, and busing. Help us make our children's experience at Westwood a great one! We strive to enrich our children's lives and provide many opportunities for them. Please join our parent group. Our meeting dates are listed below.  We meet at 6:00 in the Media Center at Westwood.

    Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year

    September 12th at 6:00 

    October 3rd at 6:00

    November 7th at 6:00

    December 5th at 6:00

    January 9th at 6:00

    February 6th at 6:00

    March 13th at 6:00

    April 3rd at 6:00

    May 8th at 6:00

    Westwood PAW is proud to support our students by funding:

    -Academic achievement programs
    -All school assemblies
    -Anti-bullying programming
    -Art program at WW
    -Counseling program at WW
    -Crisis fund
    -Money for grade level field trips
    -Money for grade level activities within each classroom
    -Foster grandparent program
    -Fall party
    -"I Love to Read" month activities and family night
    -Kindergarten gingerbread day
    -Money for technology including iPads, Chromebooks, digital cameras, iPad apps and other equipment used by students
    -Library books
    -Music department at WW
    -Physical education department at WW
    -Playground equipment
    -Prairie Fire Theatre company
    -Staff appreciation
    -End of the school year carnival
    -Many other activities and events throughout the school year!

    Meeting Minutes

    September Meeting Minutes

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