• Hi Scientist!

    I am Mrs. Walz, and I think I have the best job here at Discovery. I am Discovery's STEM teacher and SEL teacher.

    As the STEM teacher, I get to do science labs with every student in our building. I go in a rotation and see each class one at a time. Students have about 6 labs with me every trimester. During these labs we are diving into the science standards through hands-on learning. The purpose of the Science Lab is to enrich, launch, or wrap up science units their classroom teacher is teaching them. I love science and I can tell our students do too! Seeing them discover, create, and connect is always so much fun! This year I will be piloting some new science curriculum for kindergarten and fourth grade. 

    As the SEL teacher, I get to connect with students on a whole new level. I get to help classroom teachers plan and teach SEL lessons, but I also get to work one on one with classes and students. Seeing students adapt to a growth mindest and keep growing makes every day of teaching worth it. 

    With my dual role, I get to see their minds and hearts grow every day. 


    If you ever need or want to contact me, feel free to reach out!

    Email: mckayla.walz@isd742.org

    Phone: (320) 370-6180

    Let's keep growing together!

Mrs. Walz