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    Welcome to my website.  My name is Betsy Trout or Teacher Betsy as my preschool students call me.  I love being a Preschool Teacher at Colt's Academy where I help all young children learn.  My special job is working with 4 year old preschoolers that need extra help to be successful in a preschool classroom.  Our team of teachers in Room 111 is an amazing crew. Teacher Roxy ~ Roxy Boelter is our Lead Teacher.  Teacher Linda, Teacher Anna and Teacher Kathy all help our students learn the skills they will need to learn in Kindergarten next year. 

    If you would like to contact me about your child's learning, you can reach me at Colt's Academy.

    Our phone number is : 320.253-5828 Ext. 5832
    My email address is : elizabeth.trout@isd.742.org